Incomplete switch/transfer - what can I do if I'm being charged by 2 suppliers for gas at the same time?

  • 8 August 2023
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I applied online OVO website to transfer BOTH my electricity and gas from my previous supplier to OVO.

After transfer/switch date I assumed everything to be fine. However logging into OVO website to check my account was still in “pending setup” stage.

After 2-3 weeks I wanted to confirm my switch was successful. However my previous supplier says they are still supplying my GAS.

After speaking with OVO online chat they finally activated my online account (because I was in credit with the direct debit on the first day of switch).

Now I see that I am being charged by OVO GAS standing charge. I am also being charged GAS by my previous supplier.

Is this right? How can OVO charge me GAS if they are not supplying me GAS?


Also, at no point was I informed of any problems by both suppliers.


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Hey @chengyukchen,


Welcome to the OVO Online Community,


When a customer signs up to OVO during the sign up process we send them an email to confirm their meter serial numbers. I’d advise checking the meter serial number we are now supplying and seeing if it is different to the one your previous supplier say they are still supplying. If it’s different, this means we may have taken over the wrong supply.


I’d advise contacting our Support Team to look into this for you, they should be able to see the notes on your account and if there are any issues with the switch. 


Please keep us posted and this will help other customers in a similar situation. 

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Hi @chengyukchen

You should have had a welcome email from ovo. That would have had the mpan numbers ovo were going to use looking at my welcome email

You could also now check on this page now you say your online account is activated. Hopefully the serial numbers and mpan numbers will be there by now.

You could compare with the actual serial numbers and mpan numbers from your previous supplier on your bills.

You should also be able to see the serial numbers on the actual meter. 

Hi, thanks for your replies.


Yes, I did get a welcome email, with BOTH my serial/ID numbers for my gas & electricity meters. Yes both were correct and match what I have.


I was specifically told by live chat that “somewhere” my gas didn’t transfer over properly.


I wasn’t notified about any problems and only found out 1 month later when I asked my previous supplier for CREDIT refund. They refused because they said they still supply my gas.


Now my gas has been transferred after I brought this issue to attention of OVO. I emailed OVO for correction to the gas standing charge. OVO support replies describing me how transfers work and they await a meter reading from the previous supplier.



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There are also legal time limits for switching.

These are on the ofgem website.

Switch completes within 15 working days.

£30 by new supplier


This is  a screenshot of what ofgem say is the current law effective 1 May 2019. 


Ofgem also say:

"You won’t need to do anything if suppliers breach a standard and spot the issue. Compensation is automatic. You can report a claim too.

Suppliers have 10 working days from a breach to pay you. They could owe a further £30 if they don’t meet this timeline. Ofgem monitors supplier data to make sure they do this.

If you think an issue isn’t fixed or you haven’t been compensated, it’s best to contact your supplier to tell them. If you aren’t happy with their response then make a complaint. "

So I would check the dates and put in a claim if appropriate. If you post how you get on I am sure it will help others. 

Okay update.

Changeover date was suppose to be 19 July. However Octopus (prev. supplier) was still supplying GAS side up to 8 August (~20 days worth).

Octopus charged me 20 days which I had to pay.

It’s now 5-6 months since I’ve joined OVO. OVO still has not refunded me the standing charge for gas between 19 July - 8 Aug.

So effectively I had to pay gas standing charge TWICE, to two different energy suppliers for the exact same time frame.

I sent a complaint to OVO email (about 2 times) 1-2 months ago. No replies.

I now have no choice but to submit complaint to Energy Ombudsman

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Hey @chengyukchen 


I’m really sorry to hear about this.


I’d suggest checking in with the Support Team about that complaint before contacting the Ombudsman as I’m sure the team would like to be able to resolve the matter themselves. If it has been more than 8 weeks since the complaint was raised, you’re more than entitled to get in touch with the Ombudsman. Check out the complaints homepage for more on this:


Do let us know how you get on.