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  • 17 February 2024
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Hi there. This subject has been covered before but slightly ambiguous outcomes. 

I have had to install a new 3-phase supply at a domestic property, which was (over) rated by our electricians as needing a 3-phase 315A supply. The size of supply was based around having 3 electric car chargers and large heat pumps for the house and some large outbuildings. 

I couldn’t find any supplier who would provide a domestic contract on a CT meter, so have got a business contract with Eon until November 24. This contract has painful capacity fees and standing charges and isn’t very competitive on KWh rates either. 

I would like to revert to a domestic contract in November this year, so would love to clarify the following :


Will Ovo take on this account and revert to a domestic contract with existing CT meter?


Will I be able to export any excess energy generated by solar panels?

If my existing meter is not supported, would Ovo install a suitable CT meter to allow the contract to switch over?


I’d be hugely grateful for any advice, as it seems I’ve crept into quite a complicated situation. 

Thanks a lot


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Hi @Smithy27 , presumably there is already an AMR meter installed which has an export register alongside the import? I ask because not all devices of this type are set up to record export - and you should also check on net metering for the import too. 
The versions of this I’ve seen are often ‘Elster’ or EDMI devices but the manufacturer has to set up the profile required. 
Once that’s established you need to check with customer support but there are users who have that type of set up with OVO. 
On the export, that part might be better with another supplier as OVO are (at present) not too generous on export tariffs. 
Of course import and export can be split as far as ‘supplier’ is concerned 

Thank you so much for the quick response. The meter is brand new and whilst I have a contract with Eon, I’ve not yet switched our supply over to this meter. We will complete those works in the next 3 weeks.  I need to do a bit of research into exactly what the meter is and what it is set up for. 

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I asked one of our metering experts about your situation, they advised the following:


It's a slightly rare installation for domestic, but not that uncommon. We have several hundred domestic CT supplies. You’ll need an AMR meter installed, you won’t be able to have smart though, there isn't a smart CT solution.


As far as supporting it, our management of AMR isn't the best, but we can do it. If you want export too, you’ll need to get a Supplier to agree to purchase the energy, we don't anything to deal with this for AMR due to the small volumes. Or a way to get the reads.


I can see why you’ve had issues but shouldn’t be on a business structure, you are domestic so, under VAT and HMRC rules, should be on a domestic structure. We don't support new connections of AMR installs, we hardly support new connections on non CT/3 phase, but the type of meter should not affect you being supplied by any domestic supplier. You just can't have Smart, but must have AMR. 

Thank you so much for the reply, it’s very helpful. Seems maybe I didn’t have great advice when the new connection was established. 

I am committed until end November with this meter, but will look to change to domestic when the time comes. 


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If you have time, pop back and let us know how it goes! It may help other Community Members in a similar situation 😊

I certainly will do. It’s a bit of a minefield to the uninitiated so I really appreciate the help and will be glad to share my future experience, be it good or bad!  Thanks again