Can I book a Smart Meter exchange immediately before switching to another supplier?

  • 27 April 2023
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Ok a bit of a technical/process question this one


Say for example I book a smart Meter Appointment for next Weds and on the Tuesday i decide to switch energy providers for either one or both fuels using a firm which has a two day switch process, so the switch completes on the weds Will the next meter install go ahead?


I know if it was booked for any time after the new supplier takes over it would be cancelled,.  Would this also be true if the day of install was also the day of the switch


thanks in advance


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9 replies

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The appointment would be cancelled because there'd be no way for it to go ahead. Initiating any switch process generally cancels all pending appointments 

The appointment would be cancelled because there'd be no way for it to go ahead. Initiating any switch process generally cancels all pending appointments 

So i guess the appoiment would only go ahead if for example the switch was initiated on the day of the appointment itself

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No. Because that too could cause nightmares and headaches.

If you want to switch supplier AND get Smart Meters, I strongly recommend doing one first and wait for that to be fully completed before attempting the other. If you’re doing the meter upgrade first, please wait at least five working days after the upgrade is done before looking to switch, so that the records can be properly updated.

If you’re switching first, please allow six weeks AFTER the switch date before attempting to get Smart Meters.

I get what your saying but would an appointment still go ahead if its it been assigned to an engineer and then a switch is applied for etc.

I am just looking at process rather then reality

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I suspect the two processes would clash and block each other 

No disrespect but i wonder if any employees can confirm given the nature of the question :)

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I agree with @Blastoise186 thoughts, just be aware we are customers rather than ovo employees so you may get slightly different answers if you actually phoned ovo.

Interestingly the big suppliers tend to quote switch times longer than 2 days which is a longer term target

Have you noticed many suppliers advertising a 2 day switch yet? 

For example




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Hey @Horridhenry,


That’s a really interesting question, 


It’s best to direct this question to our Support Team to confirm. But I’d imagine that once we receive a ‘loss notification’ (following the application to switch) from the industry any existing appointments would be cancelled. 


If the appointment were to go ahead this would probably cause you some issues as it takes up to 6 weeks to update meter details internally and with the national database. The current supplier would likely send the details of the old meter to your new supplier further confusing matters as it can take a little while for the engineers job report to be received. 


The new supplier would then be responsible for updating the meter details but would have to go to your previous supplier for the old meters removal reads/new meter details and opening read. 


I’d advise getting a smart meter with the new supplier!

Thanks i was just interested :) and appreciate that reply