My smart gas meter isn't communicating with OVO anymore - no readings - why?

  • 21 November 2017
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When will you be contacting me to arrange another visit to sort out my smart meters, please? When the Engineer came on the 19 Nov 2018, he said another visit would be required and you would contact me. At present the IHS is not displaying anything and gas meter is not sending any data.

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Hi Dave,

Honestly I would call OVO personally and ask when to arrange an engineer. Saves you having to wait and you can get an answer ASAP 🙂
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Hey @dasilvor - calling would probably be the quickest option! Although I can offer some more advice on here. Was the gas meter not exchanged at the time? If not, did the engineer mention that something about the setup might need amending before we can exchange it?
@Nancy. They did exchange my gas meter at the visit, but the engineer could not set it up until it had been tested by somebody at the office? I was told that I would be contacted to make another appointment so that it could be set up, and possibly change the IHD.
Unfortunately, the terms and conditions mean that if I phone or email OVO I lose my online account discount. So, phoning OVO is not going to happen. If I don't get a call to arrange another appointment, I shall just provide meter readings until my 2 year fixed contract runs out then look for another supplier.
@ITGeek123 - Thanks for the suggestion, but as you can see from my message above, it ain't happening.
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Unfortunately, the terms and conditions mean that if I phone or email OVO I lose my online account discount. So, phoning OVO is not going to happen. If I don't get a call to arrange another appointment, I shall just provide meter readings until my 2 year fixed contract runs out then look for another supplier.
@ITGeek123 - Thanks for the suggestion, but as you can see from my message above, it ain't happening.

You won't lose your SSR if you call about this, @dasilvor. This is because you won't find the answer to your query on our forum, or in the OVO Help section.

Please get in touch with the team as soon as you can to resolve this!
When I phoned to report the issue that my gas meter wasn't sending to you, I was told by the gentleman who I spoke to, that because I had phoned I had lost my SSR.
When I mentioned the, as I called it, cheap trick to stop people phoning or emailing, he got quite patronising. Sorry I did not not his name.
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Hey @dasilvor - that really shouldn't be the case if you can't get the help you need on the FAQs or Forum. We'd like to look into this for you. Please send the team on Facebook a message with your account number, full name and DoB so they can investigate.
I've just given my gas meter reading, so I will see if I have lost my discount when I get my statement, next week. If I have, I will do as you have suggested. As for the phone call to OVO, they have phoned me and made an appointment to sort the gas meter out.
Thanks Dave
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I am absolutely certain that you won't be losing your SSR over this issue. Even if it doesn't appear on your Statement, it will most certainly magically reappear if you send in an email headed "Complaint"!

There is no way that OVO would let such an issue progress to the Energy Ombudsman, because he'd throw the book at them! 😨
Hi guys. Had my two smart meters (SMET1) installed a few weeks back.

A couple of issues both with gas;
1) On MyOvo it's saying that I still need to give gas readings manually. Electricity is fine its reading that every half hour.
2) Gas is also not showing on the IHD, only the standard daily charge.

Smart Meters are about 1 meter apart with no walls or anything in between.

Any ideas? Thanks!
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There's a few comments here from customers experiencing the same issue, @AdReds!

You'll need to do a smart meter health check, the questions are below. Just pop your answers in a message to our Customer Care team on webchat via the Help Centre to get this sorted.

1. Confirm your smart meter serial numbers - they are written directly above the barcode on each meter and should begin ‘G4P...’ for gas and ‘15P...’ for elec.

2. Look for a light labelled WAN on the front of your electricity meter - is it flashing/solid/off? If it's flashing, how many times does it flash?

3. Check the word HAN on your gas meter - is this flashing or solid?

4. Press 0 on your electricity meter - does it show the time and date or the word COMMISSION?

5. Press 0 on your gas meter - does it show the time and date or the word COMMISSION?

6. Press 9 (or 6 if you have a two-rate meter) on your electricity meter and provide your current read which appears after the word ‘IMP KWH’.

7. Press 9 on your Gas meter and provide your current read which appears after the word ‘VOLUME’.

8. Where is your electricity meter situated? E.g. inside, outside, in a metal box, near thick walls, the basement or anywhere that could be blocking signal.

9. Are you in a good/medium or bad mobile signal in your area and next to the meter?

10. Please let us know roughly how far your gas meter is from the electricity meter. Are there any thick walls that could be blocking signal?

I've received an email telling me that my smart meter isn't sending readings, and that I need to provide readings. But I haven't been told what the problem might be or if someone needs to come out to fix it. How do I get this information? How long befre this is fixed?
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Hi @Zaf - I've moved your post over here. The information in this thread might help with your query.
I have two problems:

  1. my gas smart meter is not communicating with OVO but my electric one is. how do i fix this?
  2. i tried to submit a manual meter reading. i pressed '9' on the gas meter keypad and got a reading. however the reading is below what the OVO website shows from the last estimated reading. the readings have been estimated for months (i did not know this as i don't log onto the website since i got the smart meters last year). how do i get the correct meter readings in the system? i have no idea how OVO has been estimating my usage and I'm somewhat perplexed as to why OVO thinks I've used 4x as much gas as my current reading shows. or, alternatively, the changeover to the gas smart meter was not done correctly and the current estimated readings are based on the old meter...
please can you help
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Welcome to the forum, @oboulind, I've moved your post here.

Please see the post above, especially the best answer, in answer to your first problem.

If we haven't been getting a reading from the smart meter we have to use estimated readings so that we can produce a statement for you. The estimated readings are based on 3-5 years of historical readings. Please try and resubmit the reading on your MyOVO account. If you can't enter the reading, please send us a message on Facebook, Twitter or webchat via the Help Centre, with the reading, this will enable us to bring your account up to date.


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Hi @oboulind The non-communicating gas meter is a known problem which is besetting a number of customers... including me!

We haven't yet been told if OVO have tracked down a single reason for this, but it's being discussed elsewhere across the Forum. I suggest you start by having a look at what we've been writing about SMETS2 Meter Installations here.

I’ve just found that my (smart) gas meter stopped working 6m ago (after working OK for the previous 9m).

The meter is as dead as the proverbial Norwegian Blue - i.e no reading on the display or anything.

I’ve given the data asked for to Ovo and am waiting for a response. My question is why did it take 6 months to notice when the meter is supposed to report every half hour.

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It’s not great to hear that we took us so long to picked up the lack of communication, @taffy

The meter display will be blank, it goes into sleep mode until it is “woken up” unless of course the meter is faulty. 

I’d recommend taking a reading, if you can, more info on how to take a reading here, if you can send the readings on webchat via the Help Centre, they’ll be able to bring the account up to date. 

Hope this helps! 





That’s what I meant when I said it was dead; pressing 9 did not get any response.

Ovo are supposed to be sending someone now. Until they do I guess I have free gas.

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It sounds like a faulty meter for sure, @taffy, glad to hear you have an appointment booked in.

This topic will give you some insight on the next steps, after a faulty meter has been replaced. 


On 9 Jan 2020, I noticed that my gas readings were suddenly missing from my IHD. Sure enough on inspecting my online meter readings the electricity was still being taken, but there has been no gas reading since 9.1.2020


The smart meter was installed in April 2019, and it’s been working fine since. Nothing has changed regarding the location of the meter, the IHD or my broadband router so I’m perplexed as to how or even why the gas reading has suddenly stopped. The gas meter itself appears to be on and working, as well as the electricity meter and I still have all the normal gas appliances and central heating working just fine.


Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated…





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There could be a few reasons why the meter has stopped communicating with us, @MDL73, the main being a tempory issue with a phone mast in your area.


We’ll need to give the meter some time as it may start communicating with us again. 


If it doesn’t, our team will pick this up and get in touch with you directly asking you to do a smart meter health check - just to set your expectations they could wait up to 3 months to do this to give the meter a chance to resolve this on it’s own. 







That makes no sense, as the electricity meter is still sending daily readings through to OVO. Therefore, why would the gas meter stop talking to the electricity meter due to a phone mast being down?



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I agree @MDL73 - this can’t be an issue with the Wide Area Network because the Communications Hub is still sending electricity readings.

I have experienced non-communication from the gas meter to the Comms Hub on several occasions during 2019 because my SMETS2 meters were being used to test software. Twice I required meters and Comms Hub to be replaced. On the other occasions, communication was re-established by OVO downloading new software.

Such a move is not without risk as it has the potential to lose all communication, thereby necessitating another site visit. That’s why I had a clear agreement with OVO SMETS2 Engineers that they could use test code on my site.

I recommend that you email Customer Support, stating the situation and indicate that the issue be passed to the SMETS2 Team. That gives you a date/time-stamped copy of the notification.

If a software update is deemed necessary, then you will probably need to wait until the new code has been approved through stringent tests, cross-checked with the manufacturer (Toshiba and Uniflow) and passed as suitable for distribution to customer sites.

@Transparent I have a form which was emailed to me today to reply with first to show the supposed ‘health’ of the smart meters, complete with photos. I’ve already informed OVO as to the status of the meters seemingly being OK i.e. they are on and working and showing the correct lights/details on their respective displays. But, seemingly that’s not enough for them. What I cannot fathom is why, after 10 months of satisfactory operation the gas meter would stop talking to the electricity meter. No clear answers, no individual diagnoses for any customers here...just comments from OVO that it ‘could be this, could be that’. Really disappointed.