Why is there a difference between the Balance/Credit on my monthly summary and the Homepage of my Online Account?

  • 6 October 2021
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I have always been aware of the Balance showing on the Homepage of the OVO Website and the Credit showing on my monthly billing. At he beginning of Setember the credit showing after my new bill was £67.53 but the balance showing on the homepage was £104.65. Since I have been aware of this for some time I took a screenshot of my homepage for proof. At the beginning of October my credit was £65.41 with my balance showing the same. They have now been realigned with a subsequent loss to me of £35.00. I confirmed with an OVO advisor yesterday that others had also noticed this so I am posting this to make others aware of this irregularity. I have a complaint outstanding with OVO but not answered. Has this happened to other OVO customers.?


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I think I know what’s probably happening here. It’s worth noting that unlike other suppliers, OVO has the billing platform set up to do real-time balance updates whereas most other suppliers only update the balance after you make a payment, get a refund or a bill is generated. This might explain the discrepancy you’re seeing - don’t forget to check the Billing History tab as well, since this has a lot of transparency as to exactly what’s happening at any given time. Credit and Balance are the same thing for the most part in MyOVO.

The following events (among others) can cause your balance to increase:

  • Top-Up Payments
  • Monthly Direct Debits
  • Warm Home Discount
  • Billing corrections to fix overpayments
  • Manual corrections by OVO’s Support Team
  • Manual intervention by OVO
  • Reimbursements (such as after a complaint is resolved)
  • Guaranteed Service Standards
  • Or as required by the terms of your contract

The following events (among others) can cause your balance to decrease immediately upon triggering:

  • Meter Readings of any kind - including Estimated, Manual, Smart or via the Support Team
  • Daily Standing Charges
  • Bill generation
  • Add-Ons like OVO Foundation or OVO Beyond (exception: OVO Drive Anytime, which is a free add-on)
  • Refunds - but these will go back to your bank account
  • Failed payments (like a bounced Direct Debit)
  • Billing corrections
  • Charges
  • Manual intervention by OVO - only used if absolutely necessary

I hope this helps. Please let the Support Team know if you still think some of your account balance is missing and they’ll be happy to investigate. 


We’ve got more details on how our Live-Billing platform works over here.


Hi Thankyou for your reply it was most helpful. Spoke to OVO support and it turns out that a fault/issue in their billing system did not update my bill for yhe previous month for 26 days. What a shambles and in the words of OVO advisors do no always believe what you see on the homepage. Any way sorted and they are a good bunch and nice to kow OVO will survive