Why is has our energy account been put on a billing suspension?

  • 27 October 2022
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Hi, we are usually emailed our bill but haven't received this month's. We have just been informed that our account has been put on a 'billing hold, ' although the bill is still showing on our online account and we have been advised to carry on paying our bills from here until the issue has been resolved. Why would our account be put on a billing hold? Is it just a technical issue? Something to do with the Government energy support scheme? We have never missed a payment and send regular meter reading etc 


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6 replies

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Updated on 21/09/23 by Abby_OVO

Howdy @HannyB ,

Most likely it’s a technical issue. Billing Suspensions are never your fault so you don’t need to worry. They get used when something goes wrong on OVO’s side as a protective measure to prevent account corruption and to ensure you don’t get invalid bills.

For the time being, I echo OVO’s advice. Please continue making payments as usual as these will all be credited to the next bill as appropriate. OVO will inform you when the Billing Suspension is lifted.

As a forum volunteer, I can’t tell you why the hold was placed.

Thank you very much for that swift and reassuring reply! 

Why have I not received any of my statements?

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Can you explain a little further @Mrsbibi. On the forum we’re mainly other customers trying to give some help and so no one has access to your account from here. 
Do you mean No posted statements, nothing on you online account .. ?

Good Afternoon all,


Wonder if someone could help. Our billing period ended on the 24th of March? Yet on the ‘app’ the bill is still showing as pending? How long does the bill take to finalise? We pay on demand.


Thanks very much.

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Should be ready soon! In the meantime, you can still pay it off via MyOVO where you’ll see the balance owed. Burn that down to £0 and make it go into maybe £10 credit and you should be good.