Why has my Charge Anytime has just stopped working (7 days and counting...)

  • 2 September 2023
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My Charge Anytime app seems to have stopped working for some reason. I have been using it successfully since Feb 2023 with no issues however now it shows as last updated Saturday 26 August, one week ago. 

My car is a BMW 530e and is still charging when I plug it in (and it shows it is charging on my BMW app) however I can’t get the Charge Anytime app to update. I have not changed my car, charger (BP pulse) or energy plan nor have I changed anything in either my BMW or Charge Anytime apps nor the settings in my vehicle. I have tried logging out and back into both my charge anytime and BMW apps but this has had no impact.

Any thoughts/ideas greatly appreciated!

Many thanks.


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Hi @FarnhamJL , there have been reports of various manufacturers updates which seem to require a re-linking with CA. Not sure if that is anything to do with your issue. 
If you don’t get it sorted, I would suggest emailing the tech team