Why don't the meter readings in my monthly summaries line up?

  • 12 February 2022
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… I have read some of the topics on the forum and I fully understand why my meter readings are estimated.  I have no problem with that.  Here is where I need your help.  Many of my statements appear to be in error in that the ‘Closing Read’ (Estimated) on one month do not match the ‘Opening Read’ on the next month.

I will try to attach a couple of screenshots to illustrate what I am saying.



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8 replies

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Just a quick heads up. You appear to have an outdated version of Adobe Reader DC installed. You no longer need this software to open PDF files as just about any web browser can do it these days. As Adobe Reader can be a security nightmare, you might want to consider uninstalling it.

This is probably more of an account specific issue though and I can’t really help much those as a forum volunteer. If you suspect you're not getting any luck resolving this with the Support Team, the next step would be to initiate the Complaints Process. It should be possible to have the bills regenerated if needed and your account updated from there.


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Hi @Denis F. and welcome to the OVO online community,


Firstly, I’m so sorry, I edited your comment to crop your screenshots slightly and inadvertently removed part of your comment. You mention that fact that in this example it appears you have been double-charged for around 13 m³ of gas and you’ve noticed this in other statements too.


I’m wondering when you downloaded each of the statements in this example. There’s a chance that if the meter reading used on your latest statement doesn’t line up, the previous statement might also have been revised so I’d recommend re-downloading the previous statement to double-check.


If this doesn’t help get to the bottom of things, it might be best to forward the issue on to our Support Team, as @Blastoise186 suggests, this might require a more in-depth account specific investigation.


I’m hoping this helps get things sorted. :slight_smile:

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I have rescued the lost text using an archived version. It is quoted below.

Can you see what I mean?  There are two different readings for the same day which in this example means that I have been charged twice for 13 M³ of gas.
This is only one of several such errors.  Sometimes in my favour.
Surely this has happened on other people’s accounts.
Layton, in ‘Billing’ has gone silent on me.

This text was intended to appear below the images. It can be edited back in later by @Tim_OVO or @Jess_OVO . I have not fixed the formatting and this text is exactly as it appeared in the backup copy.

Thank-you @Blastoise186  and @Jess_OVO .   I have looked, again, at my bills online and, today, I see that they are not the same as the bills I downloaded and printed.  I can’t be sure when the changes were made but I am satisfied that they, now, truly reflect my usage and the charges to my account are correct.

My original post was to discover whether anyone else had seen a discrepancy in the closing and, following, opening read in their bills?  Had I not printed them I wouldn’t have believed it myself.

Kind regards,

@Denis F. 


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Now that is interesting. 

Traditionally, when estimated reading are made, the old bills are left as they are. But the latest bill may change the way previous billing periods were estimated and adjust the charge accordingly. This is traditionally all a bit complex but completely transparent. 

So you say OVO is instead updating historic bills? I am not a lawyer; but I would assume this has to be evidenced on the bill to avoid the appearance of document fraud.  What does the date say, does it stay the old date, or is the issuing date updated? 

Now I don’t think reissuing old bills is inherently wrong, but it needs to be transparent. 

Every month I'm getting more in debt despite paying more than we are using. Nobody can give me an answer & now I see ovo have disabled the email address I had been communicating with. Utter joke! Last person I spoke to assured me I was over £300 in debt as it was just before my payment was due to go out & that everything would work itself out. Less than a month later I'm £430 in debt. I was £150 in debt on the 12th of December. There must be a glitch I'm not using that much!

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Happy to give a second opinion. Would you like to show the balances on your account eg on the OVO app where it says Previous changes to balance; then See details. Also do you have a smart meter and are your meter readings being received okay? Again in the app that’s under Account - Meter readings - View reading history. They should say Smart alongside. If you give manual readings it’ll say Manual. 

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Hey @Mystery,


Sorry to hear this,


I’ll get Forum_Support to reach out, please keep an eye on your private messages.


Hope this helps.