Why can’t the App put the fixed costs and VAT in the chart?

  • 24 March 2023
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Why can’t the App just put the fixed costs and VAT in the chart? Give us a true look of our costs. 

yes it’s good having the up to date variable but surely it’s easy to put in the fixed costs on a daily basis.

This will give a true reflection of what the bill is going to look like. 


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Hi @Robbo4962

Welcome to the forum, i am just a customer like you. 

It is a good question

OVO could at least have the option of displaying the data on the usage page

There are a number of great 3rd party apps that are authorised and regulated by OFGEM that are worth downloading if you haven't already. 

Hugo is one example, there you get the option

Perhaps add an idea to the OVO pipeline about having a similar toggle for VAT and Standing charges so people have the choice. Personally i would like a toggle like Hugo so i had the choice.

Then you can see if it is a popular idea.

Interestingly your In Home Display (IHD) includes both VAT and Standing Charges so there is inconsistency already which confuses some posters on this forum. 

Thanks for the swift reply and info. Let me check that out. 👍🏼

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I know that the idea @Robbo4962 of leaving those out was that they were variable and therefore it would be difficult to make direct comparisons. There is the other point about gas conversion to kWh of course (this is done after each day) but I agree with @Jeffus , the ability to switch those parts on and off makes sense. Just one point on Hugo (and other third party apps) - they are not totally accurate as they don’t have the same detail of data as the supply company