What are the new Export Tariff and Split Readings?

  • 18 August 2023
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I have received my June 23 FIT statement. This does not give me the new and old Export Tariff or the split readings for before 1st April and after the 1st April when the new tariff was introduced.  Helpfully SSE used to provide all of this information but not OVO.  I like to check my statement so exactly how does OVO calculate the split and what is the new and old export tariff.  Help please.


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14 replies

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Hey @Judesman 


Sorry to hear about this, but we don’t have access to your account here at the Forum.


I’ll check in with the team to see if they can let us know about this. I’ll pop back here when I here back on this.

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Updated on 30/08/23 by Abby_OVO


To get these details the best way will be to contact the SEG/FiT Team. They can give you this information directly as it doesn't just appear on statements as standard. 


The contact email for the team you want is or


Alternatively, you can speak to the team by calling 0330 303 5063 and selecting ‘4’ when the IVR instructs you to do so.

Hi @Judesman , the FIT rates are set by Ofgem and are listed here 

OVO would need to tell you how they have split your readings - assuming it spanned the April change date

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Thank you BP Lightlog. I mentioned in my query that the statement date covered the two periods and I need to know the split. I am assuming that the table start dates refers to the installation date but I am afraid I cannot understand these tables. and have no idea how this would apply to my installation.  It really would be helpful if OVO provided us with this information like SSE used to. Nothing but problems with OVO and so it goes on!

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Abby_OVO. I have contacted the OVO team  but have not received an answer accept to say that they are receiving a high volume of enquiries. I can not understand  the tables that I have been sent.  SSE used to provide the April split and the export tariff so, why can’t OVO? I have also received some private messages that I am not happy about.  One of the messages invited me to finance the import of gold into the country in return for a 25% share! I need to lodge a complaint so I can then contact OFGEM who we know are not happy with the OVO service.

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My grateful thanks to Emmanuelle_OVO who, through the forum has now resolved this.  Many thanks.

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This message was posted by Blastoise186, a Forum Volunteer who assists with forum security related matters. I don’t work for OVO myself.

Just sliding in here to explain one of those Private Messages you received.

That one about the gold was not authorised by anyone - it was sent by a spammer trying to scam people and who was using an attack method we’ve not seen before. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to stop that stuff pro-actively but measures exist to limit the damage as quickly as possible. That message was NOT sent by nor authorised by OVO and actually breaches the House Rules in about 1,000 different ways.

I take a zero-tolerance stance against spam and the Forum Moderators have a ban-on-sight policy over it. I work with them constantly to make sure that junk gets thrown straight into the bin as soon as I catch it, but I’m afraid it’s a constant game of Whack-A-Mole as they keep coming back.

That particular scam is well known and has existed for years. So long in fact, that a comedian called James Veitch even did a TED Talk about it nearly a decade ago.

I can confirm the spammer has been banned by the Forum Moderators after the spammer hit tons of accounts, including mine (which I immediately reported). On my advice, the spammer account has also been permanently erased from the forum and that PM should no longer be in your inbox. Because it was a spammer, I’m afraid you can’t complain to Ofgem, OVO or the Energy Ombudsman as it’s out of scope on the basis of being User Generated Content (and also because it was spam).

If you do try to complain about that particular PM, I’m afraid there’s basically a 100% chance it’d be shut down and rejected instantly as out-of-scope.

We’re sorry you received it and I have spoken to the forum provider about ways to help banish that kind of abuse. If you get any more of them, please report them via the three dots menu below the message.

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Blastoise186 The spam was received from apostleeric1 and as you say has been removed. I know that it was not authorised by OVO and I have never suggested that it might be.  The nature of the message was ridiculous to the point of being laughable. I have never suggested that I would report OVO to OFGEM because of a spam message.  What I have suggested is that I will report OVO to OFGEM because of their appalling service. I know OFGEM has threatened to take action if OVO does not improve its service. My recent problem was resolved by a helpful Forum mod but I still wait for a reply from OVO who, as usual inform me that they are busy!.

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Ofgem isn’t the right place to go to. You need to follow the Complaints Process of the supplier, in this case .

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Yes I know I have to lodge a complaint first. Then the provider has to respond etc. Helpfully, as I have reported, someone on the forum has resolved my problem.  I have run out of patience with OVO and find the whole experience stressful along with quite a few others according to the internet.  We can only hope that OFGEM imposes some meaningful penalties.

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I'm a big believer that simply whacking big financial penalties isn't always the right thing to do. Sometimes, more positive opportunities exist that ultimately give a better outcome and cost significantly less overall. 

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Then the ball is on OVO’s court.

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Actually, the ball is in everyone’s court to improve the entire market. Simply playing Whack-A-Mole is not a reliable way to fix it.

If it really was that bad, Ofgem would have come down like a ton of bricks.

Other suppliers have gotten away with much worse e.g. the stupid Centrica WAN that British Gas insisted on using in the SMETS1 days - that thing was the literal definition of Vendor Lock-In.

On the other hand, Foxglove almost got nuked by Ofgem for serious financial mismanagement which led to them being banned from taking on new customers for months.

And then there’s the extreme end - Ofgem literally nuking suppliers into oblivion for non-payment of REGOs or FiT contributions. There’s a reason why so many suppliers got terminated in the last two years - they all broke the rules in a manner so serious that there was no recovery.

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I am speaking as a customer.  You are obviously here to defend OVO.  I am not and I have better things to do. I am still waiting for a response from OVO and if I do not hear from OVO than I will lodge a complaint. Meanwhile I have better things to do so as far as I am concerned this conversation is closed.


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That's because I am a customer myself. One who has had a far better experience with OVO than with SSE.

While I am also a Forum Volunteer here, I'm allowed to express my own personal views. That's all I did in this case.