THTC- When are my off peak hours?

  • 27 August 2023
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I've previously posted with regard to my hot water and heating both being wired up to the off peak meter even though the storage heaters were replaced by thermal radiators before i moved in.  

What I'm trying to find out is what hours the cheap rate actually is.  If i knew this then i could time my heaters to be on during these times rather than on the expensive rate. I just keep getting told it can be between 5-12 hours which is very vague.

I know it changes depending on weather etc but surely there is a way of finding what those hours are.

The sooner they phase out thtc and change my meter the cheaper it will be for me.

Any help greatly appreciated


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4 replies

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Hi @LisaWilko ,

I’m a forum volunteer.

THTC doesn’t have fixed hours at all I’m afraid - it’s completely dynamic and the active hours change constantly.

Can you show me photos of your setup please? In particular, the meters and your heating setup. This helps us provide better advice.


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Hmm… It might be best to just request a downgrade to Single-Rate Smart Meters in this case. It’d remove you from THTC and you’d basically just get a bog standard meter/tariff setup.

I’d say talk about this with OVO Support via Live Chat. They’ll help with this.

Thank you. I will try tomorrow