Solar panels feed energy back to the grid

  • 10 June 2023
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Can I check that  the SEG? agreement is in place.  Where can I see this small return on my bill? i see this is at 4p per unit.  Should I change to a company that pays a better rate? 


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5 replies

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Hi @Eleanor O'Flynn , I believe the SEG part is separate from your energy account so it’s not part of the online system. 
There are certainly others here who suggest looking to other SEG licensees who give a higher return

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Hi @Eleanor O'Flynn,


As BPLightlog mentions, SEG customers (who don’t need to be energy customers) are on a different system to their OVO account. 


Once the SEG team have received the form and documents from you, they’ll assess and confirm if you’re eligible. The team will contact the customer once the application has been triaged. How long since you submitted this application

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Oh dear,  I don't recall any SEG forms being rolled out by our Solar Panels supplier last September. I take it this means we have received no payments for our Feed In record so far. The salesman seemed to imply that it was part of the deal. I will try to use the link you have sent. Thank you for your help. 


I had solar panels installed in August 2022 and made application for SEG payment still awaiting payment over 1 year later. Poor show OVO.

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Hey @jeffrab,


Really sorry to hear this,


Have the team confirmed if you’re eligible? The team will contact a customer once the application has been triaged.


How long ago did you submit this application


This topic might be helpful:



I’ve recently been advised that a smart export guarantee (SEG) applicant is only eligible for SEG once an export supply number (MPAN) has been created. As soon as that's been done we ask the customer for an opening reading which is the point they will be paid from. Unfortunately we cannot make payment for anything exported before then.


At the moment there’s a longer time frame than usual for applications and emails to the SEG team. Any customers still waiting to be set up may wish to cancel their SEG application with OVO and re-apply elsewhere as a different supplier may be able to register them quicker. It's not ideal by any means but unfortunately we can't process any quicker than we currently are.