Received "final bill" but I'm not leaving!

I received a "final bill" in the post from OVO and it said "sorry you're leaving". But I'm not leaving!

It's addressed to "The occupier" not me personally and the account number is wrong but the address is correct. I'll call tomorrow of course when the phone lines open but it seems weird that if it's an erroneous transfer why would have a different account number at the top?


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Hey @russd1999,


It definitely sounds like a call to our Support Team is the right move. They’ll check the account for you to make sure no erroneous transfers have been requested. We have more information on our guide on erroneous transfers here 


If you’ve received a letter addressed to “the occupier” and the account number differs, that’s an everyday process. It would ensure that in cases like this, where an error has been made, they can revert your account using your existing account number. 


Let us know how you get on after speaking with support. 

Thank you Christopher, I called support today and they said that they have checked the database and there are no transfers in progress. Bizarrely the letter they think is linked to a disregarded account that was closed in March 2020. That would tie up with when I my mum died and I changed the account into my dad's name. It was then changed again into my name after he died 18 months later.

They didn't know why the system would send a letter 4 years 2 months later.

Confusingly, the account number on the letter isn't actually the same as my mum's old account. Support reassured me several times that there was no transfer in progress so I guess that's all I can do for now.

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Hey @russd1999,


Thanks for the update. I’m glad that there are no actual issues with your account. We have recently been working on migrating older accounts to a new billing platform, so it could be the case that it triggered an old letter to be sent even though the account was closed. 


I’m really sorry that it’s confused things for you though I can understand it’s came as a shock. Keep an eye on things, and if you have any more questions or need help, then reach out.