Landlord sub meter- Who can I get to look into the unsafe wiring?

  • 31 January 2023
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Hey @Jacqueline Gaughan ,

Was there something you needed from us? We’ve previously given you advice but it doesn’t seem like anything has changed since.

Just hoping OVO will see this and get in touch 

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I’m not sure there’s much OVO can do about this I’m afraid. I can ask a forum moderator to see what they think, but I’m pretty sure they’ll likely give the same kind of advice we’ve already offered you.

If you have concerns that things are unsafe, try calling 105.

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Hey @Jacqueline Gaughan,


Sorry for the issues you’re having.


OVO as your supplier would be responsible for the meter itself, and the meter tails. You can contact our Support Team who can forward photo’s on to our siteworks team. Here are some articles which explain whose responsible for what and also what jobs we are able to perform:



However, if you’re concerned about the sub meter, wiring going into the meter, then I’d advise contacting 105 and speaking to your DNO as suggested by @Blastoise186


Hope this helps.