I've just moved in, called up to set up an account but didn't receive a welcome email and can't log in into my online account?

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Hello there

I joined OVO a week ago by phone call

Since then,I haven't received any welcome email or confirmation

I have tried all the steps they recommend me...reset my password,use chrome etc nothing works

Always the same error :"No identifiers.paym in session"

I contacted them to make sure all my details are correct and apparently they are but I can't access anywhere

I don't even know my OVO ID

I am starting to be a bit concerned about

Please,could you help me?

Many thanks


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Hi there @Mariapilancia !

Have you tried doing the First Time Logging In tool by any chance? It’s over at .

If that fails as well, it’s possible OVO doesn’t have the right email address on file for you, but this can be fixed, please give the Support Team a call and let them know about this thread, they’ll take a look for you. If you let them know Blastoise186 has been helping out, they’ll know you’ve already tried everything else so far.

My other guess is that your account hasn’t yet been synchronised with MyOVO, but the Support Team should be able to force it to sync over.

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Yes my dear...I have tried absolutely everything and nothing works


I guess I don't have choice and I will call them because I need to log in in my account for my bills,etc

Thank you so much anyway

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No worries, glad to help.

Please let them know that they may want to try a forced sync between the systems, and that your account didn’t provision properly into MyOVO for some reason. It shouldn’t take too long to get it going from there. Sorry for the trouble!

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Do you know how to get the live chat?

I did it once and it worked pretty good,they were quite helpful but I can not find it anymore!

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Ah yes. The live chat does come up as well, but it’s a bit fiddly at times.

You can try firing up Chrome in Incognito Mode and going straight to the help page, which should force the pink Live Chat button to appear.

I’ll be here if you get stuck. :sunglasses:

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If you’re having trouble getting Incognito Mode up, you’ll find that in the menu in the top right. You can also press Control + Shift + N on Windows and Linux, or Command + Shift + N on macOS.

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I could get the chat

They have been sorted everything for me

They recommend me to try again in a couple of days

Thank you so much for your help,you're a legend

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Yay! You’re most welcome @Mariapilancia . If you still have trouble logging in, definitely feel free to give the Support Team another shout and let them know what’s happened so far.

Sometimes, all it takes is my magic touch. But if you ever need help again, you’re always welcome to ask for help here on the forums anytime. Especially if you’re having trouble getting things to work. We specialise in that sort of thing. :wink:

Hope to see you again soon. Have a great weekend. :sunglasses:

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By the way @Mariapilancia , I wanted to say thanks for bringing this up as well!

I think you’ve probably uncovered some clues that might help to solve the issue that prevented you from setting things up. I’ll discuss this with Tim and Jess to see if we can get that looked into by the Tech Team. We’ll aim to submit it within the next few days or so.

Thanks for letting us know about the issue! :blush:

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No problem

I actually don't know what the problem is but the movehome team sorted it out 

I will let you know in a couple of days if I can log in to my account


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Updated on 10/07/23 by Abby_OVO


Hi @Mariapilancia, Welcome to OVO and to the OVO Forum! :grinning:


Sorry to hear that you’ve had a few issues getting your account fully set up and logging in to your online account. As the Home Moves team are helping to get this one sorted I’m guessing you’ve just moved in to a property which we already supplied,  hope the move went well and you’re getting settled in! In case you haven’t seen it there’s a guide to Moving Home here.


As you mentioned you did not yet receive a Welcome letter I suspect this could be the cause of your login issues. A Welcome email is triggered automatically when your account is created at which point you email address is registered and you’ll be able to use this email address to login. Usually we’ll be able to get your account created during the call however if there are any technical issues we’ll raise this to the Home Moves team who will be able to create the account manually. If you’ve already checked that the team has got the right email address for you, it may be that they are currently in the process of getting your account set up.


I recommend waiting until you get that Welcome email (don’t forget to check your junk folder too) before trying to login in again, if there are any more issues at this point sure @Blastoise186 will help us get to the bottom of things or check the tutorial here:



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Hi guys!

All sorted

I have received everything and I can log in into my account

Thanks a lot for your help!

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Woohoo! That’s great news. Thanks for letting us know. :sunglasses:

You can use the same login details for both MyOVO and the OVO Energy apps for Android/iOS, but you can also use biometrics with the apps (such as Fingerprint Login) to make logging in even faster. I’ve also got another sekrit tip as well. If you ever need to contact the Support Team via live chat, being logged into MyOVO before you click the pink Live Chat button causes a few magic tricks to happen, not least automatically clearing security. :blush:

The only place that you can’t have the login details sync for is this forum as it’s not hooked up right now. But maybe someday it might be an option…

We’ll definitely be here if you get stuck though. And yep, I love bug hunting so I’m always up for that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve got one final tip for you as well. MyOVO is designed in a way that means your account balance updates in real-time whenever pretty much anything happens that causes a credit or debit.

Not only do manual top-up payments show up within a few minutes, but any meter readings you submit will get number crunched within 90 seconds and almost instantly updates your balance. You don’t need to wait for the bills to know whether you’re in credit, because the balance you see right now has already factored in all charges so far. It really is a case of What You See Is What You Get.

I moved in to a flat that is currently supplied by OVO over a month ago, I have since tried EVERY possible mean of communication to try to set my account up, as the online option does not work.


The first time the guy at the phone was setting me up for fixed plan and direct debit, took all my details and seemingly had it all set up. I did not get any follow up emails or post. So I tried to contact Ovo again, which is impossible to get through the waiting at phone and no response to my email whatsoever, so I wrote a complaint. Next few days I got phone call from Ovo, and the lady tried to set me up again only to encounter a technical error with my account. She said I would get a phone call from their technical team regarding the issue, and I did and was told that the technical issue was fixed and again that I would get follow up email AND post regarding my account. Guess what? NO FOLLOW UP whatsoever.


It has been over a month since my move-in, and I still don’t have access to my account. Why is it so hard for me to pay for my bill? Throughout the interaction with customer service they seem quite unprofessional.


Seriously, what is going on?

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I’m so sorry to hear you’re yet to receive your welcome pack, @Zhuowen.


If you’ve created an account either online or by speaking to the Support Team we’d usually expect your welcome pack to be sent out within 5 working days so I’m wondering if there’s a technical issue preventing this from being generated.


As you mention the difficulty you’ve had when raising this to the team, I’ve arranged for us to collect your account details via a Private Message here. You can access this by clicking on your profile icon in the top right-hand corner of any forum page (when logged in). Once we’ve received these details we’ll get back to you directly to advise on the next steps to get this sorted.


Hope this helps.

Over the last few weeks i have singed up twice and the customer service representative has signed me up once and i still have not received my Welcome Pack or a confirmation email 

What can I do to rectify this issue 




I moved into my current house on the 13th of may. I saw the previous owner used Ovo so I thought I would as well. I submitted a metre reading and got a quote I agreed to a 1 year fixed rate but I haven’t received a letter or an account number to login. 1 month and a half later and I haven’t received a bill.


kind regards,

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Hi @Wilforde37 and welcome to the OVO online community.


Sorry to hear that you’ve had a few issues when trying to set-up an account. Just in case it helps we’ve got some guides below which outline the usual process depending on whether you’ve recently moved house or are attempting to join us via a switch:


As you mention you’ve yet to receive a welcome pack, if it’s been over 5 working days we’d recommend checking this directly with our Support Team, as there could be an issue with the contact details on your account or another technical issue delaying things.


I hope the team are able to get things back on track for you.

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Hi @marcandsophie - Welcome to your new home and the OVO online community here,


Sorry to hear that you’re yet to receive your ‘Welcome Pack’ after moving in to a home we supply. We’d expect this to be sent out within 5 days of you getting in touch to set-up the account so if you’ve double-checked (It’s not ended up in your email spam folder, by any chance?) and still cant see it, I’d recommend getting in touch with the Support Team to chase this.


Hope this helps get things sorted.

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You could try setting up an online account with the email address you used initially to see if your account has already been setup.



I am waiting for 82 days :-(. Still not yet come! 😀 

Hi there,


My issue is about creating an account with ovo energy. I moved into my new house on April, 2022. I  have contacted many times to ovo customer support team for create my account. Everytime they told me in system it is showing an error message and they are not able to create my account. They will raise this issue and make a call back. I called them more than 40 times in last 4 months, but I didn’t get any solution. They keep me on the line for 40-45 min and than call disconnected automatically. Now I am really tired of this things and wants to go in court for solve this issue, because I have already wasted my 30+ hours by talking with them. If anyone have solution than please provide it. Otherwise, on August 30 I wants to make a complain in court.


Thank You 

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Hi @Hiren, thank you so much for flagging this and I’m so sorry to hear of the experience you’ve had. 


I’d like to help out as best as I can, so I’m asking our Forum_Support team to send you a forum private message now. They’ll ask for some details and take it from there. 



Ok… Thank you for this information.





I have been unsuccessful in trying to resolve the following over the phone due to long waiting times. I filled in an online form. I sent an email. I managed to get through to somebody and they didn't call back.


I moved into my property 24th August 2022 and took over financial ownership of the property 25th August 2022.


A letter from OVO energy, addressed to "The Occupier" states the following:


Your plan at a glance

  • Your plan: Simpler Energy
  • Plan type: Variable
  • You're getting 100% renewable electricity
  • Your start date: 21st August 2022 (when the previous people moved out)

Your year of energy


We've estimated your energy use over the next 12 months (based on how much your home previously used) and what it will cost you on Simpler Energy.


Please help to resolve the following:

  • I was not at the property 21st August 2022 and did not request the initiation of OVO energy.
  • I want my electricity supply with OVO to start on the date I moved into the property 24th August 2022.
  • The home previously had three people living in it. I am one person. The energy use over the next 12 months should be based on one person (not three people).
  • I do not have an account number so cannot go online or use your app to find out my details or make any amendments.