I have two accounts with OVO but I can only seem to access one via my online account - How can I login to the other account?

  • 9 October 2021
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A while back there was a drop down menu allowing me to switch between accounts but that seems to have disappeared. Any ideas?


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I used to be presented with a choice as part of logging in online (I only have one active account, have had more in the past), but not any more.

Now there’s just this menu, once logged in:

the home page for me, as of today 9 Oct 2021

Have you lost even that, @Redders ?

That is what I used to see but the option of select account is not there on my account. Odd

thanks for the response

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Welcome to the OVO online community,


Can see you’ve already met one of our community members who’s given some great advice as to the usual ‘switching between online accounts’ process.



the home page for me, as of today 9 Oct 2021



It’s worth mentioning here that we’re currently in the process of migrating all our members over to a new billing platform, which includes a new online account. If one of your accounts is migrated slightly ahead of the other, the option to switch between your accounts once logged in won’t be visible.


In the meantime you’ll need to use your customer ID number to login to one of the accounts instead. Both accounts will still use the same password. If you’re not sure whether your account is on the new or older platform, our Support Team will be able to check and advise on the best steps to get you logged in to both online accounts.


Let us know how you get on - we’re hoping this helps get things sorted. :thumbsup:

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I do have a bit of an idea as to how these multi-account migrations could be a bit smoother, but it might be a bit late to implement now as I think there’s probably under 20k members still on the legacy system - so it’d probably take longer to implement than it would to complete the migrations. But it’s still an idea anyway, so I’d like to share it, just in case it’s ever useful in the future.

What might be pretty handy, would be a way for the new billing platform that runs MyOVO to be able to detect that a particular member has another account on an old system that’s not yet been migrated, and notify them that they’ll need to switch to the other system to access it for the time being - and perhaps even have a quick way to do so. It might not be possible to do it for the sub-20k or so members still on the legacy billing system that OVO is deprecating right now, but could be useful for future migrations. :wink: