How long do I have to pay my bill before I get late fees?

  • 16 April 2023
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I am waiting for a replacement card from my bank so have no way to pay online at the moment and my billing period ends tomorrow, I just wondered how long I have to pay until I receive late charges? Also will my electricity cut off until I pay?

I could go to my bank and try to make a transfer in branch.

Thanks in advance for helpful replies.


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2 replies

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Hi @Tdg93uk

Welcome to the customer forum, i am just a customer like you. 

There are some payment options on this page in case it helps.

As for when...

When you need to pay


7.9     Unless you pay via:

then your payment is due on the payment due date shown on the bill, so you need to pay in full by that date.

If there’s no due date on the bill, your payment is due when we bill you – but we’ll give you 14 calendar days from the date the bill was issued to pay.


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In this case, I’d suggest a bank transfer today for more than what you need to pay - the payment will be backdated and attributed to the date you made the transfer even if it takes a few days. OVO won’t enforce debt collection provided your payment was made before the deadline.

You won’t be instantly disconnected either - that’s an extreme measure which is considered an ABSOLUTE last resort and is only ever considered for people who get massively behind and refuse to co-operate at all. People who simply cut it fine as a one off but are clearly making reasonable efforts to pay up as quickly as possible won’t even get close to that.

It may be worth considering switching to Direct Debit to avoid this problem in future, but I’ll let you think about that in your own time.