Does OVO report to credit referencing agencies?

  • 8 November 2022
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Yesterday I noticed that Clearscore has my account with ThamesWater but I could not find OVO anywhere. I signed up with both at the same time 6 months ago when I moved to the UK. I pay both by direct debit. 


Do you see OVO on any of your credit reports? If so, how can I make them report my performance? 



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Updated on 14/09/23 by Abby_OVO

Afternoon @evgeniypd95 ,

Just so you’re aware, I don’t work for OVO myself.

I have had confirmation that OVO uses Experian for credit checks and reports. You may need to sign up with Experian directly if you want to access those records. I’m afraid I never touch that stuff myself since I don’t have (nor plan on getting!) a credit card, personal loan, payday loan, mortgage, planned overdraft or any other credit myself.

However, according to ClearScore does not gather data from Experian or TransUnion. They only seem to pull data from Equifax. This will probably explain why you can see a Thames Water account showing up on ClearScore, but not your OVO account.

It’s worth bearing in mind that not all companies that offer any kind of credit use all three agencies. Some - like OVO - exclusively use Experian, while others might combine Experian and Equifax data and a few might pull from Experian, Equifax and TransUnion.

If you want to see what Experian holds, try but please be VERY careful as Experian likes to have a nasty habit of treating customers like cash cows using lots of dark pattern techniques and is all too happy to gobble up money from your bank account every month just to access your credit score and credit reports - even if you just want access on a one-time basis.

According to Just Delete Me, you can knock down and destroy any Experian UK subscriptions via > Log in > Your Subscriptions > Close your Experian account. This should terminate any subscriptions you have with Experian and schedule your account for deletion. Your credit score and credit record will not be affected by doing so.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you very much for such a thorough answer. I think this is the best answer I’ve ever gotten on the public forum!

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You are entitled to one off free statutory reports from credit agencies. These give you the raw information they hold without signing up for anything long term that costs money. By law they have to provide these for free. 

Even if you don't intend to ever apply for credit they can be useful to check. For example do they hold your correct electoral role information, has anyone been incorrectly linked as a connected party, has anyone tried to take out credit in your name etc. 

For experian:

For Equifax

As @Blastoise186 says just be careful of signing up for any paid for service they offer.

I usually check once a year

Just checked my Experian 

Ovo energy send last update today 15.09.23

but Experian last update from Ovo is 24.09.23….each month until today was ok..but today they sent report 5 months late payments ???? They destroyed my score 

I’ve paid my bills when I was received each month 

I don’t have late payments 

what I can do now?

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@Ig1 Please contact the Collections Team about this on 0800 069 9831 during the week.

How they send report in advance…24,09 is next week