Can you tell me my day/night switching times for Economy 7?

To save energy I try and use the washing machine and dishwasher on my Economy 7 night tariff by the use of the inbuilt timers. The thing is that I assume the switchover occurs sometime around midnight and again at 7am in the morning. The Ovo Energy website says to check the actual times (which can vary) with your energy provider i.e. Ovo Energy. I can find no specific information on this online so would need to contact them. However because I manage my account online I don't think I am allowed to email them. Have tried before on another topic and never got a reply. Is there any easy way to get the info other than sitting by the meter and waiting for the click 😃

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If you have traditional meters or Smart meters that were not installed by OVO the off-peak hours may vary. The best way to find out in this case would be reaching out to your supplier (or our Support Team if you’re an OVO member)


If you have a Smart meter installed by OVO the off-peak times can be worked out using your Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN). You can find your MPAN on the ‘Plan’ page of your online account or OVO app (download for Android or iOS):


MPAN is shown at the bottom of the electricity column


Then use this table below; the first two digits of your MPAN is the ‘Area ID’; the ‘Off peak’ times are on the column second from the right:



Please be advised that SecureAclara and Honeywell smart meters don't adjust for BST. The result of this is that during summer your off peak times will be an hour later than advised above. 


Hope this helps schedule your energy usage!


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Been with OVO a couple of months now can you advise my Economy 7 times please?
meter serial no: edited by moderator.

Been with OVO a couple of months now can you advise my Economy 7 times please?
meter serial no: S90E55583.

Sure thing @Snorbins - there's a great topic already set up for these sort of requests. Check it out here:

I want to find out what my off-peak hours are.
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I want to find out what my off-peak hours are.

I can help, @Valerie - PM me with your full address!
Hi Tim, My address is *edited by mod*
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Hi Tim, My address is 26 Oak Tree Close, Kingsbury, Tamworth B78 2JF

Thanks @Valerie Rowlands I'll hide your address and confirm, your meters have their off peak from 00:30-07:30 GMT, changing to 01:30-08:30 BST!
Thanks for your reply Tim. Kind Regards, Valerie Rowlands.

Hi I have a SEEBOARD meternumber edited by moderator. Please could you tell me the times my cheaper tarrif starts and finishes on economy 7, thank you, John

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I've popped your post here, @flagooner, you'll find the info you need above. ☺️

I’d like to know about my peak and off peak tarrif hours too please.

My MPAN is edited by moderator.

Thank you.


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Your meter’s off peak usage is from 00:00 - 07:00 all year round @MarkJG 

Can I have my economy 7 timings please?
My meter  is Meter Serial Number: edited by moderator


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If you’d like us to check your peak/off-peak times please message the team on Facebook with your meter serial number.

For security purposes, please don’t post your serial number on the public forum


Hey @plasmaartist - please see above :sunglasses:

I would have thought OVO should provide this transparency. I think I might have the times wrong for BST and have been charging my battery using peak rate.

So, this is well worth checking with Ovo for your own account. Annoyingly you have to email/phone them as the information is not available online via your account. That said, they are quick to reply.

I had thought I was playing it safe by charging between 1:00 and 6:00 but it turns out my of off peak is split across two times: 22:30pm - 00:30am and 2:30 - 7:30. This seems designed to catch people out! 

I would vote for this information being made available directly in my account/contract information.

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Welcome to the forum, @barneyd, I too agree, this is a great idea and would be a really handy feature, I’ll pass your feedback on. 

I popped you post here, there’s lots of handy info in the thread in line with your post. 


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Hi I have a smart meter installed by SSE.  What are the economy timings please.    I’m in WILTSHIRE and my MPAN starts with 20.   Remember it was installed by SSE 18 months ago.

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Sure thing. The full list is available at 

I’ve extracted the details from the table. Here’s your E7 times.

For MPAN Area 20, you get 7 hours and the times are as per standard times. So that means midnight to 7am is Off-Peak and 7am to midnight is Peak, regardless of supplier. If you have a Smart Meter installed by Aclara, Secure or Honeywell, it will not adjust for BST and your times may be pushed back by one hour in the summer. There are no other special rules or variations that apply to you MPAN Area ID at this time,

Please also be aware that Smart Meters tend to have a random offset in the switching times, to prevent the National Grid from imploding by having everyone switch over at once.

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Thank you.  Your assistance is very much appreciated

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Hi @Golferbell,


Sorry just wanted to step in here to clarify - the times given in the table mentioned by @Blastoise186 refer to OVO installed smart meters. Whilst it’s likely your SSE installed smart meter would follow a similar pattern we’re unfortunately unable to guarantee this without checking the details of your supply as held on the national database. 


Our Support Team would be happy to check and confirm this for you though - Why not get in touch with them via our webchat, just click ‘Message us’ on this page.


Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Hello, I’m with OVO on an Economy 7 plan and I do have different rates of electricity usage on my bill, so my question is what exactly are the peak and off peak times? Can’t find them online anywhere. 

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Howdy @Nellyb !

We’ve got them all documented here:

To find your MPAN Area ID, check out 

Hope these help! Let me know if you get stuck.

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If you pop over to the eon next forum you’ll be able to find an really excellent post on this topic.

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Hi Nellyb, 

I'm also on Economy 7 and my rates are as follows.


When the clocks go back at the end at of October my  cheap rate/ off peak are from 12.00am to 7.00am. 

And when the clocks go forward at the end of March my times are 

1.00am to 8.00am cheat rate /off peak.

After than the remainder of the end is peak/higher rate.

Hope this helps