Can I still get a throw from OVO?

Last year I was told ovo would send me electric throws but they never arrived and no one was able to tell me what was happening or who to contact do I need to just give up


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I’m really sorry but the stocks of those heated throws was depleted some time ago and that offer has closed for the 2022/23 period so there’s none left now. If it opens up again, you’d be welcome to apply once more.

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Hey @Lberry,


Sorry to hear this,


What support does OVO have available to support customers this winter?


You might be eligible for £140 credit towards your energy bills through the Warm Home Discount Scheme. If you’re in England or Wales you don’t need to apply. We've now closed the Scottish broader group applications for 2022/23. Information about next year’s scheme will be available soon. Find out more about the Warm Home Discount via the GOV website here.


Customer support package and where to apply


What to do if I can’t afford my energy bills? 


Charities and organizations that offer advice and support


Citizens Advice

Visit your local branch, or their websites: for England and Wales and for Scotland. You can speak to an adviser online, in person, or over the phone: 0800 144 8848 (England), 0800 702 2020 (Wales), and 0800 028 1456 (Scotland). 

National Debtline

Call 0808 808 4000 or visit their website.

Step Change Debt Charity

Call 0800 138 1111 or visit their website


Government Schemes


Fuel Direct Scheme

The Fuel Direct scheme helps to pay your energy bills directly from your benefits (the scheme is run by the Department for Work and Pensions). 


Cold Weather Payment

A Cold Weather Payment might be available to you, if you’re getting certain benefits. These payments are made if the temperature in your area is forecasted or recorded to be 0C or below for over 7 days in a row. See if you’re eligible and find out more here.


Winter Fuel Payment

This is available to people who were born on or before 26 September 1955. It’s an annual one-off payment between £100 and £300, to help pay for your heating over the winter. Find out more about the Winter Fuel Payment here

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Hi, could anyone tell me if OVO are giving out free electric throws this year if so could someone direct me to the link for it.

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It’s all at

If you’re eligible for something, that tool will tell you


Hi. I remember seeing previous posts that mentioned they had sold out and wouldn’t be doing it again this year.

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I’m told it’ll be electric blankets this year, but again on a first come first served basis!

Once both waves run out, that’ll be all OVO can give out this year.

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@Blastoise186 Thank you 👍😊

Last year was such a shambles won’t hold my breath 

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I see from following the link that it is means tested.

At least OVO are doing something for the hard up. 

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It was also means tested last year as well. It’s worth remembering that OVO doesn’t have a bottomless pit of electric blankets and electric throws, so there does have to be restrictions on who can get one this way.



I applied for a free bed topper or blanket when applications were open.  I have not heard anything back as to if we qualify or not.  How will I find this out


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You’ll get an email if you qualify - the form you filled out would have also told you if you snagged one or not.



Thanks so much for replying.  I cant find an e mail but may have deleted it. I vaguely remember getting a message after I completed the form saying I did qualify but havent received anything yet


Is there a time limit to when they are being sent out.  Would anyone know this 




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From what has been mentioned, they are beginning to send out from December 

Thank you. I appreciate you both replying.