Are the calorific values used to calculate monthly gas charges shown on the online account?

  • 18 January 2019
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I've got two questions about the new OVO online account pages.

1/ Are the calorific values used to calculate monthly gas charges shown anywhere on the OVO pages? My apologies if they are displayed, but I've missed them.

I raise the question because you need to know the relevant calorific value if you're trying to check your gas charge calculations - right through from the meter readings to the final amount. Under the old arrangements the relevant averaged calorific value was recorded on your monthly gas bill. As far as I can see you can't download an 'old-style' gas bill under the new arrangements - and I don't think the calorific value is included on the new web pages.

I know you can download calorific values via the National Grid website - but this is a palaver because you have to filter out the daily values relevant to your local zone and then average them over the charging period. It would be much more convenient if the relevant figure was included alongside the other charging information on the OVO pages.

2/ My second question is to ask whether there is an easy way to download a record of the electricity and gas meter readings from the beginning and end of the monthly charging period. I'm not sure how charging periods work under the new OVO regime, but OVO is now emailing me my electricity and gas charges for the previous calendar month, so I'm working on the basis that my charging period is now each calendar month. When I check the monthly charges I therefore need to know the meter readings from the beginning of the first day and end of the last day in each month.

Again, the old-style gas and electricity bills made it easy because they included the start and end-of-period meter readings used to work out your bill.

I appreciate that you can still see this information using the bar graphs on the new monthly usage pages. For anyone who doesn't know, you could mouse over the bars representing the first and last days of the month. Mousing over the bars launches pop-up windows showing start and end-of-day meter readings. You can then subtract the start-of-first-day reading from the end-of-last-day reading to give you the total number of units consumed in the period.

To be fair, I think this pop-up access to your meter readings is rather neat, but it would be very convenient if the OVO pages additionally displayed the relevant start-of-the-first-day and end-of-the-last-day meter readings alongside the other charging information.

Displaying these two readings for each charging period as part of the other pages would also give customers a way of printing these key meter readings - making it easy to retain a permanent record. A problem with the pop-up approach is that, as far as I know, you can't print the pop-up windows or export them as pdfs. The only way you can 'grab' the information is to screenshot the relevant part of the web page while the pop-up is displayed. This is okay as a workaround, but simply reproducing the key meter readings alongside the other monthly charging information would make life easier for those of us who like to check our bills and keep a record.

Again, I'm happy to stand corrected if I've misunderstood how the new OVO pages work. Please put me right.

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Updated on 19/03/21: The info below has been taken from this topic on CVs with the new online account.

The new Billing System operates on a daily basis. It uses the CV that gets recorded for your nearest Test-Point for each day, and immediately combines this with your gas-usage for the same day to calculate your kWh.

At the end of the month, the Statement gives the gas usage by adding all the daily kWh totals together.

The old system used to first calculate the average CV reading for the month, and then use that average to calculate your kWh. This was clearly less accurate. If I went away for the second-half of a month when the CV was gradually rising, I would’ve been billed for the month’s average CV despite the fact that I’d only used gas during the first two weeks when the CV was lower. :scream:

But you can always obtain the daily CVs that OVO have used to calculate your gas usage because they’re published on the Data Item Explorer site which I’d mentioned here earlier.



Hi @RobC

Many thanks for posting your questions on the OVO forum.

In the new account, charges are calculated and applied to your balance on a daily basis. The monthly email gives a summary of how much your total charges were for the previous month. You can log-in anytime to view your up-to-date balance, detailed charges and usage.

We use the daily calorific value for the gas you’ve used each day to create your daily charges. We’re planning to make some changes to the way charge information is presented, so will look at how calorific values could be provided on the new account.

As you point out, meter readings can be found by hovering over the bars on the usage page. Displaying meter readings alongside charges is something we’re look into as part of the changes to charge information I mentioned above. Thanks for these very useful suggestions, it’s feedback such as this which helps us shape which improvements we make next.


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Many thanks for the response and for explaining that charges are calculated daily. I look forward to future developments regarding the display of calorific values and meter readings. Hopefully it will also become possible for users to capture this information for their own records. Thanks again. Rob

Just put the Daily Calorific Value on your website!!!!! I can then check daily have a more accurate figure to put on my own spreadsheet. 
I've looked on the National Grid website and it is not user friendly. Technical terms I cannot understand, etc etc.

Knowing where I live  OVO should be able to give me a number for my area.



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Hi there @Bright1 !

This is actually a bit of an old thread, so I’m not sure if things have changed since the initial discussion. I’ll go ahead and ask @Tim_OVO and @Jess_OVO if there’s been any updates since then, as I don’t think Paul will be available right now.

I think the Support Team might also be able to help you identify which values to look for on the data explorer. It looks like the link is broken, so I’ll ask for that to be fixed as well. The correct one should be for the main site, and for the actual data explorer itself. You’ll want the second one if you’re after the raw data.

Thank you. It may only be difference of a few pounds over a year, but with the terrifying increases in cost of fuel every penny counts. 
Kind regards

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Hi @Bright1 and Welcome to the OVO online community,


You’ve managed to dig out this archived topic and spotted some edits that need to be done so thank you for highlighting this as a question which is still being asked.


I’ll update the links provided in the Best Answer above as our community volunteer, @Blastoise186 has helpfully found the most up-to date source of the calorific value info. Unfortunately this is something that is not yet shown on your online account but I’ve passed your comments on as we’re always keen to hear on ways we could improve the online tools available to you.


How do you find the other online usage tools? Have you had a chance to get to grips with OVO Greenlight yet? 


Thank you. The fact is I don’t know my way round the forum. Haven’t really needed to use it in the past.
Like many other people I have always ‘cut my coat according to my cloth’.
I will not burden you with my opinions of those who haven’t been told ‘there are no pockets in shrouds!!!!

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No worries. :)

Everyone has to start somewhere after all! Don’t worry if you accidentally post in the wrong thread, we’ve got ways to fix that sort of thing. A quick touch of Moderator powers and Tim or Jess can easily fix things up, free of charge. If you ever need help, you’re always welcome to stop by and we’ll help you out. I also tend to monitor the forum using the recent activity feed anyway, so I will always see pretty much anything that gets posted, no matter which category it’s in.

I’ll try to check for any other references to that particular link, in case any need fixing. If there are any, I’ll ask for those to also be fixed in the background.

Thank you again.

kind regards