All my electricity meter reading's have disappeared on the App?

  • 23 December 2022
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As my picture shows, my gas meter reading is indeed correct and all are shown in the app. But all my electricity meter history is basically disappeared, and the meter reading from the Ovo webpage also disappeared too. I checked my recent bill, and all electricity bill is written as estimated, although the previous statement I got in the summer showed all the correct electricity meter reading.


How does this happen? Is there anyone who has experienced a similar situation? 

Please let me know if you have any idea about this, thanks in advance!


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14 replies

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Hiya @Lan1229 !

This is a bit of a rare situation we don’t see much. You should be able to get this fixed via the Support Team in the New Year though. Let them know once they’re back in the office via .

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Hey @Lan1229,


Any updates on this? Is it sorted now?

@Emmanuelle_OVO Thanks for your message, but it has not been solved

I just contacted to  customer center through Chat. But they claimed that I have not submitted my electricity meter reading all entire yerar! This is totally nonsense

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Could you show us the meter reading history from ? Don’t use the app this time!

I’m curious about something.

@Blastoise186 Same as app. All reading disappeared except November and December


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Thanks. I’ll have a think about this and update you.

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Hey @Lan1229,


Sorry you didn’t get a more helpful response from Support, it sounds like a tech issue to me. 


Do you get an email every time you send a meter reading in?


Also your meter readings should appear on your statements so you can show Support the readings you’ve summitted by checking each of your PDF statements. They’ll say ‘actual’ as opposed to ‘estimate’. 

I have had an issue with my meter readings. I have been sending meter readings over each month and have not had any problems until the start of 2023. I sent a reading over in January, but the new reading did not appear on my account, I left it and thought it was just a glitch. However I then sent the reading over for February and this also was not updated onto my account. I contacted the   Customer care team via the bot and managed to get it sorted out. My account was updated and everything seemed to be ok. The system has shown for the passed few days that they could not show usage information, the box was all greyed out. This appears to have been rectified now, but when I look onto my account all of my meter reading for 2023 have disappeared and the meter reading section has reverted to saying I have not sent any meter reading this year. anyone else had this issue.

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Updated on 20/10/23 by Abby_OVO

Hey @Dennis Thynne,


Sorry for the issues you’re having,


There has been a known issue with the usage graphs over the last few days and most customers seem to have found this has fixed itself now. I’d advise contacting Support as it sounds like your account may have a tech issue, you should be able to see your meter read history.


Keep us posted with how you get on. 

Hello Emmanuel, 

I have spoken to the support team this morning and it was very confusing I must say.


I initially contacted your support team via the chat box. I was told the reason the January reading had not been entered onto my account was because they felt the reading was too low, and in turn this was why the February reading was also not entered onto my account.


I explained about my meter, that the reading I sent over in December was 09950 which was correct and entered onto my account.

Obviously before I sent the next reading the meter digits would have got to 09999, then it would have reverted back to 00000.

The first digit is always 0 so the January reading started 001.. I’m sorry I cannot confirm correctly what the figure was, I think it was 00128. Then the February reading was 00282.

This was all sorted out three weeks ago and the readings were updated on my account and everything was fine.

After the usage issue happened it now appears that my readings have disappeared from my account.


I have been in contact with your team again this morning [Nikkita] and she says that the January reading is too high. now there is an engineer booked to come out to take an image of my meter on Monday 20th March.

I am very confused as I have been given two very different reasons for this problem

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Sounds like an engineer visit will fix things up. OVO trusts the readings they submit for the most part, so hopefully this will resolve the issue.

The usage box on my account is fine now and I can see my usage again, it’s just the reading issue now that seem to be the problem

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Hey @Dennis Thynne,


Really sorry to hear of the issues you’re having,


Did Support give you the option to send in a photo of the meter reading?



They did ask for a photo of it, but we are not able to provide this, so that is why they are sending out an engineer to take a photo of our meter.