Refunds of credit from your OVO account - DIY tutorial series

  • 25 September 2020
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Refunds of credit from your OVO account - DIY tutorial series
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Everything there is to know about refunds - your guide


How to sort a refund online


You can request refunds up to £1,000 via your online account. We’ve actually already made a guide on how to do this, click here to see it


You must match the following criteria to be able to initiate this:

  • Have an active Direct Debit
  • Request a refund of over £5
  • Request a refund up to £1000
  • Leave a remaining balance of at least one month's Direct Debit


Refunds can be requested through the online account by following these steps:

  • Go to the Payments tab and click 'Apply for a refund'
  • Choose the amount they wish to have refunded


If you don't meet the criteria outlined above, an error message will be displayed


Final refunds with cancelled Direct Debits

You can still get a final refund if a Direct Debit has been cancelled. The money will then be refunded to the bank account that the most recent Direct Debit payment came from. If this doesn’t work, our Support team can do this for you. 


Cancelling a refund


Please reach out to our Support team ASAP, if you want to cancel a refund that you’ve requested. Otherwise the request will be sent to your bank and it will be too late. 


Processing multiple refunds to the same bank account

We are unable to process more than one refund in a 24 hour period (3:00pm - 2:59pm the next day) to members with more than one account which has the same bank details. This to prevent accidental duplicates being processed. 


This is an uncommon scenario but may occur if for example you’re a landlord and would like credit refunding over multiple accounts. 


To prevent the refunds from being cancelled, either request the refunds on separate days yourself, or send the request for refunds to our Support team, who can do this for you. 


Anything we’ve missed? Let us know below...

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