Smart meter not communicating - how long will I be waiting for a fix?

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Hi @IaninYork and welcome to the Forum! :relaxed:

Using my extensive powers of perception, I am deducing that it’s possible you live in the City of York. I’m also going to assume that your Smart Meters were fitted by the previous Energy Supplier before 16th March 2019. So if OVO was able to adopt them, the electricity meter is probably made by Secure.

If this is so, then you have SMETS1 meters which communicate with OVO across a proprietary wide area network, as opposed to the newer National Smart Meter Network.

At some stage during 2020 all SMETS1 meters will be migrated to the newer system and be upgraded to full SMETS2 functionality.

Whilst you follow @Nancy_OVO ‘s advice to make direct contact with OVO via Facebook  I suggest you also start taking manual readings and email those at the same time each month.

If you provide no manual readings, the Billing Computer will estimate your usage on the high side and request that you increase your Direct Debit.

Please ask here if you need any clarification. But since we’re fellow customers, like yourself, we obviously can’t answer specific questions about your account.

My smart meter was installed in 2019 but at the beginning of 2020 realised that whilst my gas usage was based on actual readings (so nothing wrong with communication to Ovo) , my electric usage was still being estimated. I then discovered that there was nothing on the display for the electric meter and I was not able to take any manual readings. After several conversations with Customer Services, and the completion of 2 checklists, it was finally acknowledged that there was a fault with the meter and that they would need to send an engineer. That was at the end of February and of course Covid has intervened and I am still awaiting an engineer. I realise the home visits have been an issue during Covid but other services seem to have adapted, and there is nothing legal that prevents home visits as long as appropriate precautions have been taken. I would be interested to learn if other customers have received visits from Ovo engineers or am I just being fobbed off by Customer Services..


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Thanks for posting, @ChrisNJones 


It sounds like you’ve done everything possible to work out yourself what the issue is and what is needed. Now we need to do the same and get you an engineer. 


I won’t be able to confirm time frames, as this varies from week to week and from region to region. Sadly I have heard from other customers who are waiting to have a visit like you, so I don’t think you’re completely alone in this. Can anyone in this topic share the latest so Chris knows a bit more about what to expect @chris.fordy @KevinT @Mac @pravp12 @rayrickard @Hongkongandy @mchi8av2 @NoelR @Neilupnorth @IaninYork  ? 

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@ChrisNJones- please complete your Forum Profile page. The geographical area where you live might be an issue in this case.


I live in Witney, Oxfordshire. 

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I can’t believe that OVO would have difficulty in sending a Meter Engineer to a site in Witney!

It’s neither in the depths of rural countryside, nor within a city that has massive population density.

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Yes as mentioned I don’t think it’s necessarily that there’s low coverage or high demand. 


Given how long you’ve waited, @ChrisNJones, it’s also unlikely due to a rotation system, whereby the non-emergency engineer coverage hasn’t got to your region yet. 


I’m sure there’s a good reason, but I’d recommend checking to see what that is. Message the team on web chat today (average wait to get through is 2.5 minutes today), ask them if the only option is to be added to a list and wait, or if this can be raised to the ‘Second line’ team to check what remote options there are (there might be something new since the diagnosis). Then come back to confirm if possible. Click here and scroll to the bottom.