My smart gas meter isn't communicating with OVO anymore - no readings - why?

  • 21 November 2017
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Ah… well that makes sense to me from a technical viewpoint @MDL73. I can think of several reasons why the Zigbee link between Gas Meter, Communications Hub and its internal Gas-proxy can break.

That’s why OVO are trying to spot patterns by requesting additional information.

Some customers will find this daunting. But others of us don’t mind putting our heads inside meter boxes and pressing buttons to read meter-status messages!

Have a look at what I wrote here just 3 days ago about the LED indicators giving a false positive reading.

Every little bit of information helps.

@Transparent  – thank you for the link to the other thread, will have a good read of that today. Guess it’s my phon’s flashlight and an evening spent pushing buttons for me! I have no problem doing the techhy part, it’s just frustrating that it’s stopped so suddenly. The IHD, gas meter, elec. meter and my own broadband hub ar no more than 5m fact the IHD is centre-point of a 5m radius where the other 3 items above sit. 

@Transparent – ….saw you posted this on another topic – VERY USEFUL!! Thank you.

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Oh yes; I’m glad you found that too @MDL73

Ofgem have highlighted “lack of public knowledge” as a reason why the UK Domestic Energy strategy is being held back.

I think there’s a lot that can be done to alleviate this by those with a little technical knowledge sharing it with a wider audience.

Now that the public (and Parliament) is motivated to combat Climate Change, I’d really like to see rapid progress towards us using Smart Metering to better handle our energy consumption. That means we need to get beyond the issues of fault-reporting, and move onto variable-rate tariffs, automated use of devices via Auxilliary Load-Control Switches and energy-storage technologies.

There’s so much more that SMETS meters can do for us than simply reporting usage!

I think I can make better use of my time & knowledge by sharing information here than I can by joining XR on a protest march. (But I do have friends who are members).

Interestingly, some of my diagrams posted to this Forum are now finding their way into official publications! :slight_smile:

Feel free to share anything here with family, friends and neighbours. Nor do they have to be OVO customers to join in.

So, my gas meter isn’t communicating with the electricity meter and has been this way since 9.1.20


I submitted my smart meter health report last Friday (17.1.20) and not had a response, despite receiving an email from OVO saying they would contact me within 48 hours.

My next bill date is 25.1.20, but I have no way of manually inputting a gas meter reading as MyOVO says I don’t have to submit readings as I am on a smart meter...WHICH DOESN’T WORK!!!!!

How the hell am I supposed to submit a reading without calling and potentially losing my self-service rewards? Answers on a postcard please….

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Use a “virtual postcard” @MDL73 !

I was in precisely this situation for most of 2019. I wanted to ensure that there was sufficient information being provided to OVO to avoid the possibility of them producing inflated Estimated Readings.

I simply sent monthly emails to Customer Support stating the readings for both fuels. I also provided confirmation of the current status of the meters, such as “gas readings not being sent to my IHD or my OVO Account page online” so that there was an ongoing history which could be read by OVO technical staff.

I did receive telephone responses and sometimes emails from CS Staff on most occasions. And they confirmed that my monthly email trail was indeed being passed to engineers on the SMETS2 Team.

In the end, these emails provided enough detail to help track down what was going wrong, avoided inflated bills in the meantime, and also assisted in generating a bill-correction once the meter communication problem was resolved.