IHD 3 Been installed and still not showing gas data

  • 19 September 2023
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I have had a new IHD installed and no data of gas showing just electric and the new IHD is same place ware old one was getting both data. Then engineer restarted the electric computer hub but not the gas hub. 

4 replies

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Hi @gentlecraig , there’s not a gas hub as such. The gas meter is linked to the electric meter and hub and the single comms hub links to the network. That doesn’t explain why you’re not getting gas showing of course. 
You could try powering down the IHD, waiting a few minutes and then letting it try to reconnect 

There’s a tutorial here 


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Hi @gentlecraig are you seeing the correct data on the ovo website? 

Hi @gentlecraig are you seeing the correct data on the ovo website? 

Yes indeed my ovo app saying smart meters are working correctly and still awaiting for 48 hours apparently 

Hello ovo found out the issue was the gas meter network was still connect to the old IHD and so have ovo new GUID number of new IHD then say this should connect within 24 hours is this correct will connect straight away.