ex ovo to octopus - after meter clarification

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i left ovo for an EV plan at octopus. - meter worked at first then stopped, same old prob and I know im one of thousands who are going around in circles with dumb meters.    Ovo installed mine and it only worked for a few months - as soon as i moved to Octopus Go and they needed half hourly readings it started to go wrong.   Without boring you to death - I have had 2 engineers, many phone conversations with many diff staff, no notes ever made, and i have been waiting for someone to site visit to see if i could get a T3 Aerial, which i have found out since, are very rare indeed.

Both engineers have said i need an aerial because of where i live, reception isnt good at all.   i have been awaiting my final 45 days for someone to contact me, then im told infact after more investigation in i dont need an aerial now, but another engineer who will come and reboot my meter.  I have just about given up and will send manual readings but means I cant get a cheaper plan for my car.

Does this sound right? does a meter need rebooting?  and does it have to be done on site - would it not be something an engineer would of done on the visit anyway?  


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A meter reboot won’t fix poor signal issues - it’d just pick up the same (terrible) signal again.

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ok thank you - i haven’t got the time or energy to try and get this sorted anymore - shame we cant have a test b4 these meters are installed, would save a lot of wasted time.

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Hi @TD12345,


I’m really sorry to hear this. 


This thread may be helpful even though it’s about OVO -