Can OVO help install and EV charger?

  • 18 July 2022
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I have installed Solar Panels on my roof giving an output of 7.5Kwh, I am installing Batteries when they become available, chip shortage apparently. I would like asap to install an EV charger to power an EV i have on order. Do OVO help in any way.?  or do I just go out a buy one for my electrician to fit.

Any help or guidance would be much appreciated as I am not very tech savvy.


Thank you, Nick Challacombe


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3 replies

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Hi @Nick Challacombe 

Not sure if you’ve found this page yet:

OVO members get £70 off the chargers listed. The Indra Smart PRO charger works with solar and can also be used with the +Anytime add-on to the Drive tariff.

Also highly regarded for solar setups is the Zappi charger, so you may want to take a look at this one as well.

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Thank you Neal, No I had not found that page, I think the site is a bit like a computer game and I had not found that access. Thank you.


My installer recommended Zappi so I will have another look at that.


Very helpful

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It is exactly like a computer game and we are merely players.

You are standing in a room with doors leading to the north, west and east. Sunlight can be seen through the crack in the door to the east, whilst to the north the faint sound of hammering can be heard in the distance. To the west you can hear the sound of running water.

Do you:

Go north:

 Go east: 

Go west: