Why have OVO stopped my switch to EDF for the second time?

  • 17 August 2022
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Ovo have stopped my switch to EDF for the second time. Have already called them once and they said they had sorted it and now it’s been blocked again. Does anyone know why they do this? 


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Updated 20/07/23 by Abby_OVO

Hi @sarahbramley and thanks for posting.


It sounds like an ‘objection’ is being raised. Topic on this here:



An objection is usually put in place by a supplier (OVO in this case) when they want to stop the switch away due to debt on the account, or because they think there’s an error, such as the meter details or full address needs updating. 


If your switch has received an objection, we’d recommend logging in to your online account or OVO app (download for Android or iOS) to check your current balance and make a one-off payment to clear any outstanding balance if required.


Once you’ve cleared any balance, make sure you get back in touch with your new supplier to reapply for your switch, as the objection cancels the original request.


Our Support Team can also help check why your switch has been stopped if the balance is clear.


A supplier can apply for a switch a total of 3 times before eventually, it gets cancelled. So there’s time to sort this!