If anyone from OVO is actually listening

  • 27 September 2023
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Hey @Firedog,


Did an agent every get back to you? I can get Forum_Support to reach out if that will be helpful? 

Nope, but Forum_Support did. I’m in good hands, I think. Thanks 🙇‍♂️

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I can now reveal that after 35 days and much effort on the part of my complaints resolution person my smart meter is now correctly configured as a 2 rate meter and switching correctly in the night (albeit on GMT and not BST) with the correct unit rates. Ironically I now have turned the heating off as the weather is so unseasonably warm! If you do find yourself in the same situation as I was I recommend you ask to log a formal complaint and chase as often as possible until it’s taken over by the complaints team when you can then expect some progress. I certainly have nothing but praise for the person who took on my case. Just the back billing and compensation to sort out now!

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Hey @Ovouser777,


I’m glad this has finally been resolved for you!


Please pop back if you have any further issues.