Moved from Boost PAYG to OVO pay monthly credit meters, but not got an OVO account yet?


I moved into a new property in June that had PAYG Boost meters. An OVO engineer swapped these to credit/smart meters on the 1st August. I’ve not been set up an account yet and wondered how long it will take? The 3 people I’ve spoken to have not been able to help.

I used to have an OVO account at my old property and wondered if that was hindering the process.

I just want to get the billing set up, so I don’t end up with a huge bill after a few months of not paying.


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Check out our Pay As You Go Topic hub:


Hi @willp2003 and thanks for flagging this to us. It’s an interesting one, as it’s not clear where in the journey the hold up is. 


My advice would be to start with Boost Power. Could you drop them an message on their online chat (found on the bottom right corner of their homepage), to ask if the account has been closed and if there’s any notes to indicate an issue or delay?


If they say the account has indeed been sent to OVO and is no longer a prepayment account with Boost, we’ll need to get this looked into with OVO’s support team. Ideally you would have an online account for you to pay a Direct Debit in every month, building up a credit until everything is set up and billed. So I’m keen to help you make sure this happens. 

Hi, I called Boost yesterday, they said the meters had been swapped so that was all they could do. Spoke to 3 people at OVO and the last response was to just wait a few more days. Will try Boost again though

Boost have re-ordered the account transfer so will see what happens

I would like to switch my pay as you go to a smart meter please,  Can l do that?

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Howdy @Sampson Boampong !

Sure thing. If you’re with Boost, get in touch with their Support Team and they can help you set that up. Likewise, you’ll need to talk to SSE if you’re currently with them,

If you’re with OVO, it’s .

Hi all,

I've moved into a new house and the energy provider was OVO/Boost.  We were on pay as you go and they needed us to stay on pay as you go for 30 days to monitor our usage. We did and submitted a request for a contract and to pay monthly.  After a million calls and dealing with incompetence constantly  they created a contract on Thursday.  Since then, smart meter automatically applied emergency credit (even though we had topped up enough before) and the credit is now running out. I've received emails to say we don't have to top up anymore.  I fear that our gas supply will be cut off in a few hours. I've been on hold with them for over an hour. Has anyone else had this issue? What is the solution?

Thank you 


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Hi @Paulalica ,

Please give Boost a call again. They can get you back up and running in the meantime.

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Hi, I chose to move from dd to prepayment on 28th April with a current balance of £65. After the change, the balance never appeared. Instead it said £23 by the hour until, approx, a week latwrit was £30. Then it returned to £0. It is currently rising and is at £2.49.

I called last week. The ovo op said she saw £61 Balance in her system and it would be added. I asked her to make a note for proof in case it disappeared but she never did.

I have been paased from dept to dept so many times,  constantly left in hold, cut off. I'm really disappointed and wish I stayed in dd. 

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Also just to add, I just taller to someone who said my account is still dd. However I received my 19 digit top up number already (which she says I haven't?) and she wanted to make a new one - then she passed me on…

Am left listening to motown once again. So many hours.... 

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Hey @Kall,


Really sorry to hear this,


As far as I’m aware with Pay As You Go the credit would get added on manually, not automictically. So it may be it’s been raised to the right team but not processed yet. I’d advise contacting Support back to chase this up:


How to get in contact about my OVO Pay As You Go account


  • The best way to get in touch with us is via chat here. Just click the green chat icon on the bottom right of your screen. We’re here to help anytime from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 2pm on Saturday.
  • Or call us on 0330 175 9669 during the same times.


If you’re with Boost

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Thank you for replying @Emmanuelle_OVO

I have been in London all day, so will call support tmrw. I have to mention that I've talked to support a few times now and each time they pass me on to the payg dept or others. As mentioned above, support told me she read my balance on her system as £61.i asked her to make a note of it in case it disappeared. She told me that was not necessary. Then when I called yesterday I was told they read my balance as £14. After being passed on, a other said its not possible to read my balance. The first op said the only way for my balance to be restored was to be at my smart meter as "You have to do things to it."

I'd also mention that I got an email from ovo saying that because they'd made a mistake with my EPG in October, my account would be credited plus the extra £31. An op said it had been added which totalled a current balance of £14?Ovo also said they'd credit the £31 to my bank account, but they don't have my bank details as they told me to cancel my dd.

There appears to be no communication between departments. I even have WhatsApp comms which are basically the same: waiting hours, being passed on…

Can anyone see how ridiculous this is. I find it quite incomprehensible. 

I'll try ovo support tmrw and update this post of necessary. 

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Hey @Kall,


Yes if you could update the post that would be great, it might help other customers in future. 


Sorry for the issues you’ve had, it’s worth mentioning that all calls are recorded so if you need one pulled for reference that’s something customer services can do. 

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After another morning of going from rep to rep I finally found one who found my balance and made a note on the system of it.

Requested to be put back to pay monthly. They've taken my direct debit. Now it's just a waiting game.


I'm very unhappy that I can't be payg, especially as the energy companies were at one point encouraing people onto it. 

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Hey @Kall,


Sorry to hear this,


Did they give a reason as to why you can’t switch to pay as you go? 

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My meter wouldn't switch over to payg. No one would say why. They simply left me on hold, then hung up or said its not their department to deal with it. 

I've since asked to be changed back to pay monthly and have given my direct debit details but still can't log in. It says I'm on payg.

I've seen this before - distant call centres half way across the world with no accountability. There was none of this with SSE. I'll leave in July when the new tariffs are announced 🤷‍♂️


*a rep said my meter is on credit mode

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Hey @Kall,


Credit mode is pay monthly, so it may be they’ve already started the process of changing your meters back to pay monthly. I know for electricity the meter mode can be changed almost instantly from pay as you go to pay monthly and vice versa. With gas, it can take a little longer but usually around 4 hours.


When we’re unable to change a customer from pay monthly to pay as you go or vice versa. It’s mostly due to tech issues like a faulty meter or if they dispute any debt balance as that will need resolving before we can change the account. It might be worth enquiring as to whether there are any account issues?


You should be able to set up a new Online Account once the account is changed to pay monthly. If you head to the Online Account page and select ‘First Time Logging In’. This Tutorial might be helpful:



I’ve been asking SSE to tfr my electricity acct from PAYG to DD for well over 6 months, my requests have been repeatedly ignored and now I find I’ve been transferred to OVO! How do I tfr to DD, my gas account is already DD! 

it is starting to seem that I need to go to a completely different supplier because SSE/OVO is a complete let down :(

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This can be arranged now! If you call 0330 175 9669 the team there can help you migrate to DD.

We had a pay as you go smart meter fitted 3months ago, but it didn’t work from the start. the Valve kept closing , OVO sent a 3rd party engineer out and they fitted a pay monthly meter. 
However getting that pay monthly meter registered to our address has been a nightmare, 3-4 weeks ago we had a 4 hour conversation between departments, they took our meters details , we gave them a meter reading, and a bill is assigned, but we still had to wait for the account to register - it would take 10 working days they said -- but like I say 3-4 weeks on .. no account, no bill , .. and today we received another new pay as you go account number.. and card ,. 

Being summer the bill isn’t expensive, but we really need this sorted before late autumn so we can keep track of our usage. I don’t know what to do, my mother is getting so anxious over it all, and the phone service is so stressful.  

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If you haven’t already, try doing this via Live Chat at . It’s usually a much better experience than phoning in.

Otherwise, try 

If you haven’t already, try doing this via Live Chat at . It’s usually a much better experience than phoning in.

Otherwise, try 

Thankyou i’ll give it a try , i’ll let you know how I get on,

after months of chatting with OVO over the phone -and them telling us how much our bill would be , telling us that we are pay as you go and now going over to pay monthly. 

Well the OVO web chat person said that our account numbers - (one of which was given to me by OVO .). is actually an SSE account number and that they can’t help us with it. - they said that not everything had been moved from SSE to OVO yet. 

So I tried to register the account number with SSE , and it’s not even recognised. 

The OVO pay as you go team recognised we had an account that had to be closed 
So what is going on ? The lady on the phone told us the “monthly” account would take 5-10 working days to register ,  and that we’d receive a letter and a bill for £89 - 
however it is now 20 days. .. and today we received a pay as you go card ,. for a meter we don’t have.

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Hey @mixomusic,


Really sorry to hear this, it sounds like a very stressful situation.


I’ll ask Forum_Support to recah out via private message.

Hi, can anyone help. I spent about five hours on the phone changing to pay monthly, the direct debit has come out my account but when I just signed into my online account it says pay as you go.

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Not sure when you made the change @GeorgeWatson but it can take a little time for this kind of update to be reflected.