Launch the Ideation Module officially!

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Yes, this one is technically a joke, but it’s also a “real” one that can be achieved.

This idea basically does what it says on the tin. Make the new Ideation Module go live at last. :)

The second purpose of this Idea? Well… It’s a tradition that you always launch almost anything of this type with some kind of silly joke, partly as a test but also as a great demo of how things work. Technically, said joke is never meant to be completed like asking to have the forum make my breakfast or be the ultimate goal of a project (like giving laptops to every child in the world), but in this case I lowered my sights and did a joke one that actually can be completed fairly quickly.

This will be the only “silly” idea I ever post here. But someone’s gotta do it! XD

Updated idea statusNewCompleted

Well done, @Blastoise186 - your idea above is the first one that we can mark as completed!


We’ve now launched Ideas on the OVO Forum and now our customers have an easy easy to submit their ideas and feature request and to vote on others, helping to inform our product team road maps. 


To start with, the product areas lined up for the launch of OVO Ideas are:



I’m looking forward to seeing more ideas from our forum members. Here’s a guide we’ve made to outline how it all works: