Change the Idea creation button label

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Change the button when creating an idea from Ask our community to Save Idea or Create Idea

Looking like it's already done actually. :)

It depends more on which button you're looking at. Technical limitations means not every button can be changed just for the Ideation module though 

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Thanks for this idea about the way we label our forum create topic buttons, @Jequinlan 


I’ve just marked this ideas as completed and I want to outline the changes we’ve made to justify that status:


As @Blastoise186 mentioned, on the Ideas area, there’s already a button labeled ‘Create idea’. However, your idea relates specifically to the button when creating a new topic. At the time the button read ‘Ask our members’. 


As Blastoise also mentioned, we can’t change the wording of the create a topic page’s button for the Ideas section only. Everyone that visits that URL see’s the same page. So what we’ve done is changed the wording to make it apply to the forum Q&A and for Ideas:


New button wording


Let us know what you think of the change, and any other ideas for how we can improve this forum site. Thanks again for helping us build something helpful. 

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To be honest, i would have thought the button could just say "Submit" as , whilst techjies understand "publish" , from years of experience many do not. "Submit" is generally well understood language which accommodates all kinds of "save", "publish" connotations. 


Just my 2p worth

That was a good test of the ‘merge idea’ process. @Jequinlan let me know your thoughts about what I’ve outlined above and how we can improve that create a topic page. :)  

@Tim_OVO reply above!

Thanks @Jequinlan 


As this is only our second every ‘completed’ idea I’m committed to making this solution work for you. 


Great suggestion for the wording of that button. I’ve now changed this to ‘Submit’