Switched from another supplier- Missed out on Warm Home Discount?

  • 15 January 2024
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In 2022, I was moved, not by me, from SSE to OVO.  Subsequently, that year, I did not receive the Warm Homes Discount, despite having received it both before and since.  Is there any way I can fight my case to get reimbursed, pls?   I no longer have my letter of entitlement.  


Thank you.  


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Please see for this one. That team can check.

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You could try contacting the government and get them to reconfirm your entitlement over the phone.

Hi.  I tried contacting OVO today via phone, and was advised I have left it too long and that they do not have access to records from SSE.  She also suggested I’d had Warm Homes Discount whilst a customer of SSE. I definitely did not.  


I thank you both for your assistance.  

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Hi.  I tried contacting OVO today via phone, and was advised I have left it too long and that they do not have access to records from SSE.  She also suggested I’d had Warm Homes Discount whilst a customer of SSE. I definitely did not.  


I thank you both for your assistance.  

You could try putting in a complaint that your migration from SSE to OVO failed in that you didn't get the Warm Home Discount passed to you either directly by SSE or via OVO depending on when you migrated. Basically there was negligence. It costs nothing so worth a try.

Use the link already provided

OVO then have 8 weeks to fully investigate. You may find that investigation is fuller than than provided to you so far. OVO do have access to the old SSE data I understand so the statement from the OVO representative isn't correct as I understand it. They should be able to trace why you didn't get the money. Whether they will pay obviously I don't know.

After 8 weeks or a deadlock letter you can ask the Energy Ombudsman for support if the issue isn't resolved.

Basically put in a written complaint giving as much information as possible and see what happens. Copies of bills, dates, entitlement etc. anything you still have. Nothing to loose.

Thanks v much.  I shall pursue and let you know the outcome.  


Kind regards


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As well as possibly missing out in 2022, (I assume that you had applied to SSE in 2022, or were you in the core group?).

You have to also remember that the Government changed the qualifying criteria for the Warm Home Discount last year. (And you no longer have to apply unless you live in Scotland).

So even if you have qualified for WHD in previous years then you may not have qualified for it this winter (2003/2024).

I’m in that boat, I’ve had the WHD for years, but I don’t qualify this winter because the rules have changed.

Thank you.  I appreciate your reply.  I am pursuing this enquiry as of this evening with SSE.  


Kind regards 


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Hey @DS110271,


Sorry to hear this,


Did you get the discount this year? Do you usually have to apply or are you part of the ‘core group’. As Nukecad advised there have been changes to the Warm Home Discount in recent years. This topic may have some helpful advice:



he Warm Home Discount (WHD) for 2023-24 is now open.


For those in England and Wales, eligible customers will receive a letter from the Government confirming if they are eligible, and don’t need to do anything to apply.


For those in Scotland, the Core Group remains unchanged and applies to those who were in receipt of the Guaranteed Element of Pension Credit on 13 August 2023. If you fall under this category, you do not need to take any action and you’ll receive a letter to notify you of your eligibility.


For customers in Scotland who fall under the Broader Group, you do still need to apply - you can check out this really handy guide on eligibility criteria for the Broader Group in Scotland, as well as the homepage for the Broader group from the Government:


For more information, you can check out the Government Warm Home Discount homepage


If you think you might be eligible but haven’t yet received a letter, you can use the Government’s Eligibility Checker to find out if you could qualify. (Letters are being sent out right up until early January 2024, as per the WHD webpage, so if you don’t have it just yet, don’t worry).

I used to be an SSE customer, so know the facts about that. A Migration falls under the GDPR, so cannot be dealt with by the Ombudsman, has to be dealt with by OVO. All the Data from teh SSE Account, which OVO said was OVO’s direct responsibility, since, I think January 2020. If you have been Migrated no point in going to SSE, OVO were required by law to delete all the data in the SSE branded Account, if not sooner, then at the latest 1 Month after the Migration date.

Think you need to speak to someone in OVO, who can explain why they are saying that they dont have your data, which had to be Migrated over. it is a very serious matter indeed to lose any Personal Data from and Account. OVO could be in big trouble if they did that during a Migration.

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Hey @DS110271,


Did you used to apply for warm home discount or are you in the ‘core group’ (In receipt of the guaranteed element of pension credit)? 


What month did you migrate over to OVO? 


These questions will help us offer advice. 


2 December 2022 was the date I moved over to OVO.  At the time, I had to apply for the grant, completing the online form.  


Thank you for your assistance.  


Kind regards


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Hi @DS110271 


If you used the online form, I believe the Support Team should be able to trace this. If you’ve had a letter from DWP about the Warm Home Discount this would also be helpful to the team.


As we don’t have access to accounts here at the Forum, you’ll be best to get in touch with the Support Team so they can take a look into this as the scheme is closing soon for this year.


You can find more information on the Warm Home Discount process here, which may also be helpful: