Ohme Home Pro EV charger and OVO charge anytime

  • 6 February 2024
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Be very wary of the accuracy of the Ohme Home Pro charger. Mine was displaying a certain number of units consumed for a charging session, but when the charging socket was removed from the vehicle the figure dropped by about 30%. The lower figure was the one reported to Ovo on the charge anytime EV tariff. This meant that, for example, instead of being charged 7p per unit on a 60 unit charge (£4.20), it would be 7p for 42 units (£2.94) and 28p for the remaining 18 units (£5.04), total £7.98. Therefore I was getting charged nearly DOUBLE the correct figure. It took me many months to get Ohme to accept there was a problem, despite providing them with compelling evidence from my Smart Meter and from calculating the theoretical consumption of a charging session. If you have this charger please check!!

7 replies

Did Ohme do anything to fix the issue?


They did a software upgrade apparently. They said it was a coding issue.

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Hey @Phil Smith 


Has that software update resolved the issue?


I still think it reads a little lower than the true consumption but its as good as it's going to get. When the information is transmitted to Ovo it's slightly less again though. My last charge was 68.2 units on the Ohme app but just 66.82 units on the 'your EV' Ovo web page. Why is that?

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Hey @Phil Smith,


Please reach out to the team at chargeanytime@ovoenergy.com they’ll be able to look into this for you. 


Will do.

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Just in case it’s of use, there are others (with another provider) also discussing the Ohme charging accuracy. They appear to have similar problems as reported here.