Can't connect Mercedes ID with Kaluza

  • 24 January 2024
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I have problem to set up chargeanytime app. 

Specifically I can't connect to my Mercedes vehicle ID to Kaluza. I tried many times but I failed  , the ID can't be recognised. 

Could you advise ?





Best answer by Nick Challacombe 24 January 2024, 23:52

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3 replies

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I was informed that as long as I left the in car timer unset then use the dos type Kaluza page, not the app then my car whick is not listed it would work. I have changed my car since then and the new car was not listed not my wife’s new MG 4trophy which runs OK on charge anytime after we had zeroed the cars timer.

It is a little trial and error but everything works fine, the guys at Indra are very helpful is you phone the via the number on the Kaluza web page.

you have to have an Indra Smart Pro charger or an OHME one I understand.

hope this helps










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I can see that Nick has given some helpful advice here. If you’re still having issues please contact The team will look into this for you. 

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just driven 309 miles to Wales in my wife’s MG 4 Trophy, only one stop for a recharge for the car and passengers.