Do OVO have an electric vehicle (EV) tariff that doesn't require a compatible charging point?

  • 26 August 2022
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Hi all


I will be getting an EV in a couple of weeks.
I do not have a charge point for it, because it can run off standard mains sockets (trickle charge, and I can fast charge at work or round the corner at a dealership for free)

Do OVO have a tariff that doesnt require a compatible charging point?
If they do, do you know what the tariff standing charges/price per kWh and the overnight prices/hours for it are please?


I tried calling, but as you can imagine today, there are many people in the queue!

Thank you in advance for an information you can send :)


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Hi @elPaulio ,

Personally, I wouldn’t recommend on relying on standard mains sockets long term for EV charging. Regardless of how much you turn the settings down, it still puts a LOT of strain on the circuit and is very easy to overwhelm things. This type of charging is really meant more as a last resort than anything else. If possible, it’s recommended to get a proper charging point installed.

I’m afraid I can’t help you choose a tariff either, because I won’t be able to give you the rates. Usually, they’d all be detailed on but at the moment, OVO has decided to temporarily suspend offering all fixed rate deals for all new and renewing members so there’s not many options right now. I’ve been given this information from an official source and the reason is because OVO doesn’t feel it can give anyone a fair price for fixed rate right now. Standard variable will remain an option, but probably isn’t ideal for EV charging.

Hope this helps.

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Updated on 01/11/23 by Tim_OVO: As of the 1st November 2023, Charge Anytime now offers  7p per kWh for smart charging. It can be added to any OVO plan, including electric-only households



Who can get Charge Anytime


There are now two ways you can get Charge Anytime:

You must have an eligible EV or Smart Charger, we’re constantly looking into ways to broaden eligibility of this product so if your technology isn’t currently on this list keep an eye on our page for updates!