Can someone explain the difference between Ovo Beyond and the new Greener Energy?

  • 23 February 2023
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So i’ve recieved the email telling me that Ovo Beyond, which I believe was supplying me with 100% renewable energy, will cease on the 13th March & be replaced by Greener Energy.

The difference simply appears to be it will now cost me an extra £10 per month vs £6 per month now?  The suggestion is the price is due to significant price increases ove the last few year but I’m already on a variable rate so my costs have gone up already.  So what’s the additional £4 charge for?


I’m all for supporting renewables but what are we paying an additional £48 per year for?




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Updated on 05/12/23 by Tim_OVO: OVO Beyond is our exclusive premium upgrade.
With the dedicated OVO Beyond app you can get personalised tips, green offers, and ways to save on more than just your energy use in just a few taps.

And the best bit – it's free to use!


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