Solar panels and Total Heat Total Control (THTC)- How do they work together?

  • 2 April 2024
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How do solar panels work with the two meters that I have which are called total heat total control? 
Can anyone explain how it works and how they fit it to the meters? 


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8 replies

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Welcome @Hels24 ,

I’m one of the Forum Volunteers here.

Right now might not be the best time to install solar panels if you’ve got THTC. With the RTS Shutdown round the corner and the need to get you upgraded to THTC capable Smart Meters being high priority, you may want to wait a bit longer and do the meter upgrade first.

I’ll ask @BPLightlog to stop by though - he might be able to advise a bit more than I can.

I’m getting them through funding…and when I spoke to someone at OVO about the shutdown they had no idea when it was likely to happen because and what she said is they have literally nothing to replace them with at the moment…

Thank you…I’m just so confused at the minute..

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An upgrade path for the meters is close to being ready. :)

Watch this space.

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Hi @Hels24 , you should be able to have the solar PV system set up but it probably won’t be able to give you any export tariff (SEG).

You will need a separate monitor to look at solar feed but that is often provided as a link via the inverter. Failing that your installer could fit a generation meter but that is not really needed. 

Ok…thank you for that…it’s tricky getting your head round it all :-)

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Hey @Hels24 


Welcome to the Forum


It can definitely be tricky getting your head around all things solar, but we’re all here to help make that a little easier if we can.


Having THTC does make this a little more challenging as some of the others have already mentioned, you can read more about it on this homepage too.


We’ve got a helpful topic on complex meter types such as Total Heat Total Control: 


As Blastoise186 mentioned, we’re currently working on a replacement for THTC meters and will update customers and any related pages when we have more.


I also wanted to link to some topics which share other users’ experiences of having solar panels fitted etc so you’ve got as much information before you make a decision:



I hope some of this has been helpful to you, but if you’ve got any other questions, just let us know.🙂

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Just one thing to reiterate @Hels24 , with your meter set up it’s doubtful you would be able to get an export tariff despite some of the info above. You would still benefit from the solar feed during decent generating days of course and if these have some additional funding for you it’s probably still worth going for.