As a Boost customer are we supposed to be using the OVO PAYG top up app?

  • 11 February 2024
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As a boost customer are we supposed to be using the Ovo top up app? Since they are essentially the same company ? I read that last year ovo were migrating boost customers over. Onto ovo ? all you can see on the boost app are top up amounts no balance of what is on meters etc? Does the ovo top up app give you more informative?


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Sorry should read more information? 

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Hi @DonnaM23 ,

If you’re on Boost, you need the Boost Top-Up app, NOT the OVO one. :)

OVO seems to be looking into the idea of merging Boost PAYG back into the OVO brand, but nothing official has been posted yet. Watch this space

Ok thankyou for clarification on this, much appreciated.