Ovo heatpump install, check the insulation

As you will see in the 1st some sections they didn’t even bother to peel off the adhesive ply.

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That is very poor work. The installers must a bunch of amateur clowns. Was the installer one arranged by OVO? Was it one these Heat Geek outfits?


I dunno I can not say but think it might of been ovo as they just get a local contractor.
Its worse than that as the flats I live in has a address anamaolly that for some reason it is listed on certain databases as a house.
The landlord has done a dodgy and got a single heatpump installed in a single flat.
So in a studio flat they didn’t put the emersion in the attic or what is at least a 3 foot crawl space it takes up precious space and just stands there in a corner and that believe it or not feeds just 3 radiators 2 small in the flat and 1 in the bathroom.
The other 3 flats remain the same on convection heaters.

I think the contractor knew that grants and subsidies of a complete mitsi heatpump where not supposed to be given for a 1 room flat and bathroom.
So it was installed, bish bash, bosh anyway will do, get the £ and be off. 

Well, that makes a decision for me. If that is the standard of work on OVO installations, I won’t be going for a heat pump through OVO. 

This adds to the narrative you can see on innumerable YouTube videos showing really badly designed and installed heat pump systems. The U.K. tradesman is obviously not up to the job. 

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@stuartiannaylor do you mean this is in your flat? So you now have a hot water cylinder in your main room in a studio flat!? That does seem crazy. There are far more suitable heat pump ‘solutions’ for flats. What size hp is it ? 

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I’m not sure why your landlord would have gone through OVO to arrange this as their offer is for a cheap rate of 15p per kWh with a HeatGeek installation. Is the landlord paying for your electricity bill or do you have an account with OVO @stuartiannaylor ?

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Hey @stuartiannaylor


It’s not really been made clear so far but could you clear a few things up for us: 

  1. You said you think we may have installed a ASHP at a property that you’re a tenant at but you’re not sure. Could you confirm for us that it was arranged through OVO? 
  2. You mentioned “The landlord has done a dodgy and got a single heatpump installed in a single flat.” If we were to investigate this it would include us having to speak with the property owner. My concern is the allegations you’ve levied against your landlord could lead to possible issues for you. 
  3. Are you an account holder with us currently if we needed to reach out with you to look into this for you? 


If you could give us more information on your situation it would be really helpful. I will check back in on this thread for an update and if needed I can help get it raised to the right team. 🙂