The tadoº Smart Thermostat - exclusive price for OVO members!

  • 25 March 2021
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The tadoº Smart Thermostat - exclusive price for OVO members!
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Meet the wireless tadoº Smart Thermostat


The OVO smart home just got a bit smarter, with tadoº.


It’s a smart thermostat that lets you control your heating and hot water wherever you are, and help to reduce your heating bills. Better yet, we’re offering an exclusive price, available only to OVO members! More info on this offer, here. 


See all of the details and FAQs on our tadoº product page, here.


@Karlb1 recently purchased this, and asked how to install it. See their topic, here. Spoiler alert: you can choose to set it up yourself. Installation guide, here.


We want to hear from YOU if you’ve got a smart thermostat already. What model do you have? Was it easy to set up? Has it given you greater control and efficiency over your heating? 


@NinjaGeek@PeterR1947 and others shared their experience with smart thermostats over on this topic:



@Karlb1 and others I’d love to hear about your experience of the tadoº Smart Thermostat once it’s installed…..

4 replies

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Hi Tim, as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I’ve only just joined the forum and don’t have a TADO system but I do have the Drayton Wiser system with a controller and TRV’s on most radiators.

I wrote a bit more about my experience here:

Have you got a smart thermostat? Then we'd love to hear from you! | The OVO Forum (

There is also a good (and long) thread about the Wiser system here:

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Is this offer open to forum members, or just OVO Energy customers?

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OVO Energy customers only I’m afraid. Sorry!

The OVO Forum is mainly volunteer led and runs independently of most of OVO’s operations. This forum is open to everyone regardless of supplier and makes no money by itself, so it’s unfortunately not possible to extend this kind of offer to forum members as well.

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Yes another OVO offer where you need to have gas to qualify. I'm very disappointed in them.