Join the UK's low-carbon heating revolution

Join the UK's low-carbon heating revolution
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Updated on 08/10/21 by Jess_OVO


Our Zero-Carbon Heating trial has reached it’s next phase so we’re no longer recruiting trial participants. Already on the trial and want access to our Smart Home Trials area - leave a comment over here and we’ll give you the key. :key2:

Want to learn more about the heating technologies which we’re installing? - Check out this great user-created guide to Air Source Heat Pumps.


Exciting news!


We’ve been chosen by the government to run the UK’s largest zero-carbon heating trial. Now, we’re looking for 250 households in the South East to take part. 


If you join, you’ll have your fossil fuel heating system replaced with a brand new one 
full of low-carbon tech – powered by electricity.


Here’s the page for you to get more info on this trial, and register your interest to take part.


This is our blog post on the trial.


We’ll be creating a private space here on our forum, for trialists to share insights and ask/answer questions. So we’re super excited for this to kick off!


For now, here’s our Innovations Project Lead, Anna Lewis introducing the concept behind behind this ground breaking trial:



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Who are your installers @nealmurphy ?

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@juliamc Reina Group

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How do I join the heating trial forum? I can’t see a link 

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Hi @Mimo - no worries, I’ve moved your comment over to the public topic about this area. 


I’ll give you access to the private Smart Home Trials area now, @Mimo @nealmurphy and I’ll tag you in a topic. That way you’ll get an email and can follow the link in that email to get to the right area. 


Alternatively, go to the ‘parent category’ this topic sits in ‘Smart meters and products’, and you’ll see the ‘Smart Home Trials’ category there with a :lock:

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Has anyone put a cover over their heat pumps? If so have you experienced any performance issues?

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@48havelock - did you mean to post that in the open Forum area?

You’ve asked the whole world rather than the 250 participants on the OVO-administered part of the Heat pump Trial. :open_mouth:

Could you explain a bit more about which part you’re considering covering and why?

The heat-exchanger system which is outside the house has a balanced set of temperature differentials. See my diagramatic descriptions on the topic about Using a heat pump to reduce your carbon footprint.


What do you think might be the effect of reducing the heat-loss from one or more components of this external unit by covering it?

Have you found a component which appears to be “running hot” on your particular installation?

Don’t worry about the technicalities when you reply…. Just shove the idea out here and let’s give it some thought. :slight_smile:

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No for the heat pump trail page I will move it over now