Installing a tado Smart Thermostat - easy but yet difficult - looking positive and already helping

  • 2 October 2021
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@Jess_OVO beautiful edit, thanks. Couldn't have done it better ;)


@Tim_OVO Three initial thoughts on benefits. (I got trapped in putting down features, but I think I've fixed it) :-

  1. A more comfortable house in line with our lifestyle. Through feature: Set multiple different temperature blocks in any one day and different from day to day.
  2. Save money. Feature :use the app to turn the heating down or up or off or on while away from home.
  3. Save time and remembering. Feature : set lower morning temperature. Previously I'd try to remember to lower the thermostat as I went to bed, otherwise it could feel too hot in the morning. Then I had to turn it up again in advance of the evening.
  4. DRAWBACK :Costing money and time! I've less time for my family history research. My subscriptions are not being used. 

The OVO insights will be available in a month. The algorithm needs data. The tile in the app is merely a link to the "tado/my-thermostat/<month>" web page in my ovo account. 

Thanks for the badge. I'm glowing with pride.

@Jeffus it was a one-off cost, no subscription for what I have. They do have an extra monthly subscription for "Care & and Protect" which offers a monitoring service. It seems to watch your boiler and warn you about unusual patterns.   I've initially dismissed it as unnecessary. I guess they'll also hope for more sales of different or improved devices. 


tado help desk. I got an email reply about the thermostat wires. It is very clear that English is not their first language. They're a German company. I was told to do what I'd asked them to confirm I'd already done - as if I'd never said anything. 


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Great feedback on the benefits of getting a smart thermostat here (and glad my edits helped :wink: ), @EverythingNeedsAUserName  - Just a shame to hear about your experience with the Tado Customer Support - we’ve passed this on to the Smart thermostat team here at OVO, as it’s really valuable to get a full picture of our member’s journey after taking up one of our offers.


I appreciate that air source heat pumps work very differently and have to be operated very differently for optimum performance, operate at different temperatures etc. 

Having said that, i would have thought the Tado output data for a gas boiler setup would be a useful background input when the time comes to potentially change to an air source heat pump setup  or something else. Having some actual data on temperature loss to compare with air source heat pump calculations would be interesting if nothing else i would have thought? Be curious to know what posters more experienced about these things than me think.

I ask as it is one of the reasons i have thought about getting one. 


A really excellent line of thinking here too, @Jeffus. I know one of our Heat Pump trialists, @nealmurphy, has a Nest setup which was installed prior to the heat pump - Was the Nest data part of your motivation in joining the trial and making the change to an ASHP, Neal?


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Great to hear that the Nest setup is working well with your Air-Source Heat Pump, @nealmurphy.


Interesting to hear that there is a distinction between high and low temperature heat pumps too - I’m guessing having a lower temperature heat pump would necessitate even larger radiators and more constant heat?


Would that not be quite so compatible with a smart thermostat?