How can I link my Tado smart thermostat to my OVO account?

  • 25 September 2021
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I have a Tado system, had it before joining OVO, installed it all myself with the wireless extension kit as our combi boiler is in the loft and TRVs on all Rads.

Best solution I could find as the system supports the OpenTherm bus standard (amongst others) for those boilers that can use it.

I saw that there is meant to be a way of linking your Tado account to your OVO account. I had a Smart Meter installed a couple of months back and was hoping that this would trigger the ability to link, but still nothing.

I have called customer services, but they aren't sure. I have sent an email over 10 days ago, but only had the auto response saying please allow 5 days for a response. The help topic mentions a Smart Devices option in the Menu, but it isn't there for me.

Does anyone know how this is meant to be achieved?

Are you meant to have purchased the system through OVO to get something to kick in?


Thanks for any advice.



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Hiya @DaveRalph !

Thanks for bringing this up. I just want to let you know that I’ve acknowledged your question and have started looking into the answer. It may take a while and I might need to flag this up to @Tim_OVO or @Jess_OVO for extra help, but we’ll keep you posted.

Also, as far as I’m aware, the Tado integration only works if you’ve got a duel-fuel account with OVO but I’m not sure if you had to buy the device via the OVO offer. I’ll let you know if I manage to figure anything out.

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Hi @Blastoise186,

Thanks for looking at this. We are dual fuel customers.


Regards Dave






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No worries. I couldn’t find anything that suggests it’s possible to link a Tado device that wasn’t purchased via the OVO offer, but at the same time I didn’t find anything that says it’s impossible to do either.

This is probably a good one for me to pass over to Tim and Jess about in the morning, since they’ll probably need to ask around internally. It would be pretty cool if you can get this to work though!

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Great question this one, @DaveRalph.


We’re not entirely sure of the exact process ourselves so have checked in with the Tado experts. Will pop back here with an update shortly. :ok_hand:

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Back with an update from our Smart Home team.


They’ve advised that unfortunately in order to link your Tado to your OVO account you would need to have purchased the smart thermostat from OVO at the moment. We’re working on this though and are hoping to enable this facility to those who have existing Tados or other smart thermostats installed independently of OVO.


Sorry it’s not quite the answer you were hoping for but we’ll be sure to keep you updated on any changes in this area. 

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Are OVO doing any offers on the Tado radiator devices at the same time? 

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Not that I’m aware of at the moment, but it’s definitely something that you can ask to be put in the suggestions box if you’d like to. I don’t like to “steal” ideas from other people though, and this would be your suggestion, so feel free to give Tim or Jess a shout if you’d like them to do that for you. :)

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A great question to ask, @Jeffus.


I’ve checked this one with the team who’ve confirmed @Blastoise186’s comment. At the moment our Tado offer only covers a thermostat starter kit (which includes the thermostat itself, wireless receiver and internet bridge). We’re looking into extending this to include the thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) too, so this has been really useful feedback for the team to gauge interest.


Have you been considering a smart thermostat set-up, @Jeffus?


had the same question a few months back and managed to work-around but only lasted a month lol.

I had the Ovo Energy insights tab appear in my Tado app but when I clicked through and logged into my Ovo account I just got a “Page does not exist” error.

Spoke to Tado and they advised it was an Ovo issue - spoke to Ovo and they said it would only work if you bought the Tado from them - that’s what I did even though I already had a system setup.

immediately after ordering I checked my Tado app and TADA! My Ovo energy account now synced with my Tado. About 2 weeks later my “Ovo” Tado system arrived so I just returned it for a refund. Once my refund was accepted the Ovo system un-paired from my Tado account.

Little experiment to me seems like Ovo are just hiding the information behind a paywall - can only assume some commercial thing between the and Tado to try and sell more units lol.