Are there any problems using a smart thermostat with an Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP)?

  • 11 September 2021
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I’ve recently had a Daikin ASHP installed under the OVO heat pump trial. It comes with a simple Honeywell room thermostat. Does anyone know if using a smart thermostat, such as Tado, would cause any issues with this system? Also, am I even allowed to change the thermostat under the trial terms, I’m not sure? Any advice on smart thermostats appreciated. Thanks.


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Hiya @chiefmac !

That’s actually a seriously good question and is definitely one I’d not considered before!

I’ve had a look through the T&C for the Zero Carbon Heat Trial which you can check out right here if you’d like to - just in case I could spot any likely answers or clues. I couldn’t find anything obvious in there, but the full answer is probably a bit more complicated than usual.

If you weren’t on the trial, you probably could swap out the thermostat with a smart one without too much trouble, since all it really does is calls for heating when a room gets too cold, and calls for cooling when a room gets too warm. However, being on the ZCH Trial adds a few other factors into the mix like the Kaluza Flex Platform.

I don’t know the right answer to give in this sort of scenario, so I think the best I can do would be to call in some extra help from @Tim_OVO and @Jess_OVO for this one. They’ll probably need to check with a few other teams, but I’ll try to remember whatever answer comes back in case anyone else is interested.

Sorry it’s not quite the answer you were hoping for just yet, but I hope you’re OK with that.

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@chiefmac To be honest, I don't think they'd ever know. The installers had the simple Honeywell stat with them to use but were happy to use my Nest stat to control it.

The best controls will be ones that don't allow the pump to cycle too often. I'm considering trying to let the Daikin box control things and utilise a smart radiator thermostat in any room where I want to have a change of temp through the day such as a bedroom. I will compare the energy usage with the pump on for the majority of the time with a scenario with the Nest's on/off control and see if there is much difference.

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Hi @chiefmac,


So sorry for the delayed response on this one - we’ve checked in with the Smart Home team who have advised:


Yes -  you can change the thermostat as long as it doesn't 1) impact system performance or 2) prevent the data coming through to the project. The best way to validate this would be to discuss your options with your installer.


Hope this helps you decide on what to do about replacing your current smart thermostat - do let us know the advice your installer gives if you do decide to make a change. :thumbsup:

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Thanks @Jess_OVO, that’s really good to know. It’s not something I’ll be doing immediately, but looking to soon. There are various reasons where it would be very useful to intelligently turn on and off heating in different rooms at different times in our house, so I think a Smart thermostat system could save us some money in the long run. I’ll let you know when I get this done. Thanks again.