Transparent wood used for energy batteries

  • 4 August 2017
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I have know a green and interesting energy. I would like to share it to you and do you think it is a green energy.

Researchers at the Royal Institute of Technology KTH Stockholm have successfully developed transparent wood for construction and for solar cells.

This must be the news of interest to architects and carpenters around the world. The new wood will fundamentally change the way we design buildings and structures today. Depending on how it is used, this wood can turn into a window that looks out to the sky or converts sunlight into energy.

In the near future, this type of wood will be used as a window.

To create this transparent wood, the researchers used a chemical process to remove natural wood, thereby whitening the wood to the extent that it can be seen through. Of course, this transformation process is quite complex. Eventually, the panels will be finished by squeezing a clear transparent polymer over.

In the near future, this kind of wood material will be used for windows, or even doors that look outward but outside can not look in. Researchers believe that new wood material can be used to make solar cells in a usable state.

"Transparent wood is a very good material for solar cells because of their low cost, stable and recyclable supply, which is especially important for covering large areas of solar cells." Said Professor Lars Berglund at KTH's Wallenberg Wood Science Center.

In the past, transparent wood was used in small-scale laboratories. However, the latest achievements of the researchers will help produce this type of material on an industrial scale. It is believed that transparent wood will be a sustainable pathway to help build better buildings.

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This is news to us, @paparazi257 (I’ve edited your topic slightly as the link seemed to be spam). Thanks for raising this to us though!

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