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Streamline your storage heater system with Dimplex Quantum

  • 24 April 2019
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Streamline your storage heater system with Dimplex Quantum
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Storage heaters use off-peak energy, usually overnight, to store up heat that can be gradually released throughout the following day. To do this, storage heaters have a highly insulated core, made up of a very high-density material. They’re designed to retain the stored heat for as long as possible.

Storage heaters began making their way into people’s homes in the 1960s. And since then, the technology has come a long way. So if you’ve not replaced your old heaters for some time, you could be missing out on some significant running cost savings thanks to high heat retention heaters, like Dimplex Quantum.

Quantum storage heaters are the bees-knees of high heat retention models. With advanced technology, they offer greater efficiency, comfort and control compared to older storage heaters. Using the world’s most advanced off-peak heater, it’s the perfect replacement for your old, outdated storage heating system. With exceptional levels of insulation, Quantum stores energy up during periods of low demand, and turns it into efficient heat when needed.

Other great features you can expect are:
  • An ultra efficient heating system with low running costs delivered by maximising the utility of off-peak tariffs
  • Dynamic storage capacity - automatically adjusts to user requirements
  • Infinitely controllable electronic heat output to precisely match user lifestyle
  • Incredibly quiet fan assisted heat output
  • Attractive state-of-the-art design, no deeper than a double wet radiator
OVO customers will also get exclusive access to the Dimplex Control app. With this you'll be able to set your ideal temperature for each heater in the app, by room or zone! You can also get your bills under control by seeing hourly, weekly and yearly spend on heating, and switch on Holiday Mode in the app if you're going away.

Find out more about it here!

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I met the lovely people from Dimplex at an Industry event earlier this week and they are doing awesome things in their Customer team, and getting more Digital.

So not only would you get an awesome new, more energy efficient product to keep your home warm, you'll get great service from them too!! 🙂

You might want to check out how and why we work with them here.