Would it be possible have internal power from the V2G in the event of a power cut?

  • 9 July 2019
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I understand that the V2G box will not power my home in the event of a power cut and I understand why this is so but would it be possible have internal power from the V2G for emergency lighting in the event of a power cut or loss of mains power?

This could be a three pin socket or two next to the V2G box that is completely separate from the mains and would allow an internal emergency supply from my car for lights, freezers etc during an outage.
After all the car can do it and a load sensor in the V2G box could prevent overloading of the socket(s).

I understand that this is an option that can be added to powerwalls so why not V2G?

Does anyone have any thoughts on this, what would you power during a powercut, it would certainly confuse the neighbours 🤔


3 replies

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Good question, @Delboy!

I'm probably not the best person to answer this, so I'll tag @Hari_OVO to see if he can help here! :)

What do you think about this idea, @falklandkid?
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If you join OVO V2G ( its a group on face book and nothing to do with OVO etc) it has the answer from the manufacture of the equipment, its quite a informative group too as it has a lot of folk in there who actually developed the equipment too.
Maybe they can help
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@D10hul Delboy is no longer on the trial, but good news is the team that run the V2G trial are right here on the forum to help.