We've just completed the UK’s first V2G install!

  • 19 December 2018
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Yes you heard correctly, we've just installed the UK’s first domestic vehicle-to-grid charger in a customer’s home. This is a huge step forward to achieving our mission of building a better grid for everyone.

It’s early days, but we plan to put the charger through extensive testing, before rolling out further with more customers in the early part of next year. And in case you forgot here is a reminder of what you'll need to be eligible for the trial.

And in the meantime, feel free to keep an eye on our V2G forum topics for all the latest news and for updates on this important step in our end to end testing process!

For now, please enjoy the UK's first Christmas tree #poweredbyV2G

4 replies

I am still waiting to hear if I can have V2G no. 4 installed, as promised verbally, many months ago.

I really look forward to hearing that this will happen as I became a member of Ovo about two years ago in anticipation and ONLY for this.

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Hi @Wattie

Thanks for your comments. You can check out the eligibility in the link above, or by clicking here:


The key ones are around the vehicle you have and the fact you need to have Smart Meters installed.

As my comments above state, its still early days, and we won't be looking to roll out any further until next year. Keep an eye on the forum for more updates as we move forward.

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Is there any update on further installations? I think I tick all the boxes of your requirements.


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Wow, we’ve come along way since this first install. See this topic for the import/export numbers of our V2G charges!